March 15, 2022

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Geosyntec to Make Significant Contribution to the 2022 Managing Stormwater in Washington Conference

Geosyntec practitioners will attend and participate in two panels at the 2022 Managing Stormwater in Washington Conference hosted by the Northwest Environmental Business Council (NEBC). The event will be held at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center in Tacoma, Washington on March 16, 2022.

Sarah Welsh (Washington) will moderate a session entitled "Monitoring and Maintenance to Achieve Consistent Compliance." Ariel Mosbrucker (Oregon) will participate in the session. Other participants are Michael Johnson of Enpurion and Doug McClintic of StormSensor, Inc. Marc Leisenring, P.E. (Oregon) will moderate the session, "Advancements in Engineered Treatment Media and Filter Design." Geosyntec's Rich Wildman, Ph.D., (Oregon) and Myles Gray (Oregon) will participate in the session, along with Lindsey Mathys of Contech Engineered Solutions, LLC.

In its seventeenth year, Managing Stormwater in Washington is the state's largest stormwater conference and features latest information and best practices for professionals and regulators in industrial, construction, and municipal stormwater management.

NEBC is the regional trade association representing service and technology firms who are working to protect, restore, and sustain the natural and built environment. NEBC member companies and organizations cover a wide range of disciplines, providing solutions in the areas of environmental protection and cleanup, energy and efficiency, waste and recycling, water and wastewater, and sustainable development.


Monitoring and Maintenance to Achieve Consistent Compliance
Stormwater treatment facilities must be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure ongoing performance. Depending on the loading rate to the treatment facility and the risk of non-compliance, there may be a need to go beyond routine operation and maintenance activities and include continuous, and possibly, real-time monitoring of system performance. Speakers will describe a variety of advanced treatment, monitoring, and maintenance strategies used to achieve compliance.

Advancements in Engineered Treatment Media and Filter Design
Engineered media filtration is one of the most effective and versatile treatment alternatives available for removing contaminants from stormwater. However, with a variety of media types, target pollutants, features, and configurations the selection, design, and implementation of a filtration system can be challenging. Panelists will discuss key attributes of different media mixtures and filter designs and will present approaches for testing, selecting, sizing, and commissioning stormwater filtration systems.

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