August 23, 2021

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Jerko Kocijan Publishes an Article in Marine and Coastal Geotechnics in GEOSTRATA

Jerko Kocijan, Ph.D, P.E., GE, M.ASCE (California) authored an article entitled "Beyond the Water's Edge: Geotechnics in the Wet" in GEOSTRATA Magazine's August/September 2021 issue.

Jerko Kocijan is a Principal Civil and Geotechnical Engineer based in California with more than 15 years of experience focused on nearshore infrastructures and energy projects, including site characterization, seismic hazard assessment, geotechnical foundation feasibility assessments, and development of final designs. He has expertise in assessing soil structure using numerical modeling, a method that provides invaluable insight into the design of waterfront structures in seismic areas. He is experienced in cost-benefit approaches to selecting foundation systems, weighing considerations including stakeholder input, subsurface risks, risk mitigation and risk management practices, and use of latest ground modification and ground improvement techniques.

The bi-monthly magazine of the Geo-Institute, GEOSTRATA features articles written by and for engineering professionals. Its mission is to present new technologies and construction techniques, business management practices, unique projects, and industry news while providing leadership on educational, professional, and public policy issues.

The Geo-Institute was created by the American Society of Civil Engineers in October 1996 as one of their specialty institutes and focuses on geoprofessionals and the geo-industry.

Article Summary

The article, part of a series on marine and coastal geotechnics, discusses the unique challenges of engineering for overwater projects. It explores how onshore geotechnical technologies have been adapted to address challenging marine environments, the vast scale of these operations, and the unique aspects of offshore subsurface characterization. It also addresses geologic features of the ocean floor and how advancement in foundation construction allowed offshore facilities to be installed farther from shore and in deeper water. From supporting oil recovery to more recent advances in off-shore wind, intelligent design and risk management remain critical components of geotechnical and geologic professionals' contributions to safe construction even as automation increases.

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