May 5, 2021

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Anju Wicke and Rob Annear to Present on Climate Adaptation and Interdependencies in the Water and Climate Change Webinar Series

Anju Wicke (California) will moderate and Rob Annear, Ph.D., (Oregon) will present "Climate Adaptation and Interdependencies," as part of Geosyntec's Water and Climate Change Webinar Series, at 12:00 p.m. EDT on May 18, 2021. Watch On Demand Now »

Rob's co-presenters are Mark Lubell, University of California, Davis; Margaret Peloso, Vinson & Elkins; and Thomas Ruppert, Florida Sea Grant.

Anju Wicke is a Senior Principal Scientist based in California with more than 25 years of experience in environmental consulting focused on program management, financial management, and contracting services for federal, state, and municipal clients in the U.S. and Canada.

Robert Annear is a Senior Principal Water Resources Engineer based in Oregon with more than 20 years of experience focused on the development and calibration of hydrodynamic and water quality models for local, state, and federal agencies; law firms; and clients in the mining, paper, aviation, hydropower, and water supply sectors.

Climate change processes including sea level rise, extreme weather events, and regional drought are causing unprecedented impacts to our environment and infrastructure. Geosyntec's Water and Climate Change Webinar Series explores the incidence of these climate change driven impacts and presents management paradigms and technology approaches for enhancing water resiliency. Covering a broad range of topics related to water and climate resiliency, these webinars will address issues of concern for a variety of stakeholders, including municipalities, industry, utilities, regulatory agencies, and attorneys. Future webinar topics will include forecasting and managing financial risks, water resource management and restoration, infrastructure vulnerability and facility management, managing salt-water intrusion risk, drought-induced water scarcity, and regulatory compliance, risk management, and legal issues triggered by climate change.


Climate change poses a series of challenges for communities across the United States and beyond. Using an interactive format, panelists will discuss the interdependencies of adaptability and explore the challenges that our communities are facing. Adaptation to climate change at the local, regional, and national level is a multi-layered, complex problem that the panel will discuss through a deep dive into governance and policy; legal issues and liability concerns; insurability and capital acquisition; and social equity and justice. Panelists will exchange ideas on how these interdependencies pose challenges and opportunities for collaboration and solutions. Stakeholder engagement will be critical to identify and address the challenges arising from climate change, and so we hope participants will come away with an understanding of how to create and navigate solutions for their communities.

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