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April 29, 2021

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Chris Conkle Coauthored Article on Seismic Evaluation for WaterWorld Magazine

Chris Conkle, P.E., G.E., (California) coauthored a paper entitled "Seismic Evaluation for Southern California's Orange County Sanitation District - resiliency planning means thinking about earthquake damage before the next big quake." The article was published in WaterWorld magazine on April 13, 2021.

Chris Conkle was the lead author, and his coauthors were Don Cutler and James Doering.

Chris Conkle is a Principal Geotechnical Engineer based in California with more than 17 years of experience focused on geotechnical investigation, evaluation, design and quality assurance monitoring for a variety of dam, water resources, and infrastructure projects.

WaterWorld magazine is dedicated to delivering up-to-date information on technology, products and trends in the municipal water and wastewater industry. Monthly editorial topics include: water and wastewater treatment trends and technologies; energy management; biosolids treatment and disposal; chemicals; pipe maintenance and repairs; SCADA and automation technology; corrosion/odor control; and various previews/recaps of industry events.).

Article Overview

By evaluating seismic risks, including liquefaction and lateral spread, OC San was able to build a prioritized listing of mitigation recommendations to promote seismic resiliency. The utility now has a list of assets with an associated risk analysis that can be referenced as additional data when planning capital improvement projects. This information was instrumental in developing the budget, scope and schedule for five new projects added to OC San's 10-year capital program to systematically improve the seismic resilience of its facilities. In addition to considerations of physical condition and process viability, knowledge of seismic risk can also be used to help select asset management strategies, such as rehabilitation or replacement. The identified deficiencies also provide a list that can be used to prioritize post-earthquake condition assessments. Preparing for major earthquakes before they occur is an important and necessary planning step in helping to secure service to the general public. Resilient facilities can protect communities against devastating damage to the environment and economic well-being with proper preparation. Seismic evaluation studies can help operators with their planning efforts to achieve resilient performance, in turn helping them fulfill their commitments to providing essential services to, and protecting the environment of, the communities they serve.

More Information

Learn more about the article: Seismic Evaluation https://www.waterworld.com/water-utility-management/article/14199568/seismic-evaluation
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