March 31, 2021

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Elizabeth Toot-Levy and Adrienne Nemura Coauthored the Article Summary of Rulemaking Petition to Set Numeric Nutrient Criteria and Establish a TMDL for the Ohio River for Buckeye Bulletin

Elizabeth Toot-Levy and Adrienne Nemura, P.E., (Ohio) coauthored an article entitled "Summary of Rulemaking Petition to Set Numeric Nutrient Criteria and Establish a TMDL for the Ohio River" for publication in the February 2021 issue of the Buckeye Bulletin.

Elizabeth Toot-Levy is a Project Scientist with 20 years of experience working in the field of environmental and regulatory compliance. Her expertise includes Clean Water Act (CWA) compliance, water quality standards, water quality and environmental monitoring, risk communication, watershed management, industrial and municipal pretreatment, integrated planning, and many other aspects related to local, state, and federal compliance with the CWA.

Adrienne Nemura is a Principal Water Resources Engineer based in Ohio with more than 35 years of experience focused on helping clients identify cost-effective and sustainable solutions to meet their water quality goals. She has worked for more than 40 cities and wastewater utilities, state and federal regulatory agencies, industrial facilities, airports, attorneys, consulting firms, non-profit organizations, and trade associations.

The Buckeye Bulletin is the official quarterly publication of the Ohio Water Environment Association.

The Ohio Water Environment Association is a non-profit, wastewater related organization with more than 2000 members dedicated to the education, preservation, and enhancement of our most precious natural resource: water.


On December 16, 2020, environmental groups filed a petition for rulemaking to set water quality criteria for both nitrogen and phosphorus for the Ohio River and to subsequently develop total maximum daily loads (TMDLs). While USEPA's previous argument that the best approach is to work collaboratively with the states to address nutrient issues still holds true; there is no guarantee that this position will be upheld.

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