November 13, 2020

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Frederic Cosme and Lange Jorstad to Present Webinar on Groundwater and Surface Water Interactions

Frederic Cosme, CPEng, Ir., and Lange Jorstad, Ph.D., (Australia) will present a webinar on “Practical Considerations on Resolving Groundwater and Surface Water Interaction at Contaminated Site” at 1:00 PM EDT on November 19, 2020.

Frederic and Lange’s co-presenters are Matt Edwards and Greg Luke, BlueSphere Environmental.

Frederic Cosme is a Principal Engineer based in Melbourne, Australia with more than 20 years of experience focused on environmental consulting and hydrogeology. Frederic helps clients convert scientific outcomes of investigations into practical remedial engineering design considerations and tangible risk-based results.

Lange Jorstad is a Senior Hydrogeologist in Geosyntec’s Sydney, Australia operations. He has more than 21 years of experience in environmental consultancy, including three years of post-graduate research in contaminant hydrogeology. His experience includes management of both contaminated land and hydrogeological investigations, and specialist hydrogeological support for multi-disciplinary projects in Australia, Asia Pacific, and the U.S.

The Australasian Land & Groundwater Association (ALGA) Ltd has a broad base of members including landowners, property developers, industry, consultants, scientist, contractors, regulatory agency staff, government, the legal profession, laboratory staff, financiers, insurers, researchers and academics. ALGA was formed to provide a forum and identity for the Australasian contaminated land and groundwater industry, and to support the many professionals working in the field. The core focus of this association is to support advances in the prevention, assessment and remediation of contaminated land and groundwater.


Practically resolving groundwater and surface water interaction is becoming an increasingly critical challenge at contaminated sites adjoining surface water bodies. This is particularly the case in Australia as substantial industrial development has occurred in close proximity to coastlines and rivers.

Most conventional approaches to evaluate groundwater – surface water interaction are not well suited to the relatively small scale of the physical, chemical and biological processes that are relevant to contaminant transport and attenuation in groundwater, as they have been developed for water resource studies at the catchment scale. Hence, there is merit in outlining a specific set of tools and approaches to improve the resolution of this challenge in a more practical manner, at a scale that is relevant to the typical exposure scenarios evaluated in risk assessments at contaminated sites.

The ability to obtain hydrologic and water quality measurements within the zone of groundwater and surface water interaction can significantly improve conceptual site models, risk assessment assumptions and the site management decisions they support.

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