August 31, 2020

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Geosyntec Project Site Featured in Major Motion Picture

Geosyntec supported our client in transactional due diligence and negotiation of a Brownfields designation for a Site in Charlotte, North Carolina, formerly known as the "Delta Airbase".

Constructed during the WWII era, Delta Airbase was used as a flight training school and aircraft maintenance facility and later as a location for airplane parts reclamation and warehousing. Geosyntec conducted site assessment and vapor intrusion investigation activities to facilitate a risk evaluation from chlorinated solvent impacts in groundwater to future multi-tenant residential occupants. The risk analysis was used to identify areas requiring vapor intrusion mitigation and develop an Environmental Management Plan for future construction. Geosyntec's efforts enabled our client to purchase the property under the protection of the North Carolina Brownfields Program, thereby limiting their liability associated with former operations and preparing this valuable property location for redevelopment.

Following Geosyntec's work, and prior to redevelopment, the Site was a primary location for the filming of major motion picture "The 24th". The Site served as the backdrop for Camp Logan, a WWI-era military camp located in Houston, Texas which housed the all-Black 24th United States Infantry Regiment. Academy Award winner Kevin Willmott co-wrote and directed the film which depicts the true story of the Houston riot of 1917. "The 24th" was released on August 21, 2020 and is currently available on select streaming services.

The Geosyntec team was comprised of Jeff Ahrens, P.E., Kaitlyn Rhonehouse, P.E., Amy Kenwell, P.G. (North Carolina) and additional Charlotte-based support staff.

Jeff is a Principal Environmental Engineer based in North Carolina with more than 15 years of experience focused on environmental assessments; remedial system design and optimization; assessment and mitigation of the vapor intrusion pathway; environmental due diligence and liability valuation; and regulatory compliance.

Kaitlyn is a Principal Engineer based in North Carolina with more than 14 years of experience focused on the assessment and remediation of contaminated properties, property transaction environmental due diligence, compliance and permitting evaluations, valuation of environmental liability, brownfields negotiations and redevelopment, and vapor intrusion assessment and mitigation.

Amy is a Geologist based North Carolina with experience conducting and leading contaminated site assessment and remediation projects under a variety of regulatory programs including the Registered Environmental Consultant program, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, the Brownfields program, and Solid Waste Management.

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