August 19, 2020

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Geosyntec Writes U.S. Navy Guidance on Advanced In Situ Chemical Reduction

Dimin Fan, Ph.D. (California), Heather Rectanus, Ph.D., P.E. (Maryland), and Neal Durant, Ph.D. (Washington, D.C.) coauthored a technical guidance document recently published by the U.S. Navy (NAVFAC EXWC) entitled "In Situ Chemical Reduction: State of the Practice and New Advances."

The guidance document was written to support Navy Remedial Project Managers (RPMs) in their efforts to improve selection and use of in situ chemical reduction (ISCR) technologies for the remediation of chlorinated solvents, explosives constituents, metals, and other contaminants in groundwater.

ISCR is a broad term for a variety of engineered and naturally-occurring reductants; however, this guidance focuses on nanoscale and microscale zero valent iron (ZVI). The document provides an overview of recent advances in ISCR technology, including advances in ZVI amendment composition and surface modification (e.g., via sulfidation or polymer stabilization), advances in delivery/injection methods, site-specific considerations for ISCR use, design and implementation considerations, performance monitoring methods and approaches, and a summary of lessons learned.

Dimin is an Environmental Scientist based in California with a focus on innovative technologies for in situ remediation. He is an expert in the use of sulfidated-ZVI for the remediation of chlorinated solvents and radionuclides in groundwater. Dimin is a co-Principal Investigator (PI) on multiple research projects in the U.S. Department of Defense SERDP and ESTCP programs.

Heather is a Senior Environmental Engineer based in Maryland, with a practice focusing on natural attenuation and engineered bioremediation of inorganic constituents and complex organic contaminant mixtures. Heather also is serving as a co-PI on multiple SERDP and ESTCP research projects.

Neal Durant is a Senior Principal Consultant based in Washington, D.C. with more than 30 years of experience investigating, remediating, and managing complex contaminated sites.

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