August 21, 2020

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Pratt Institute Partnered with Geosyntec to Develop SARS-CoV-2 Reopening, Monitoring, and Contingency Plans

Geosyntec partnered with Pratt Institute to develop reopening, monitoring, and contingency plans for student and facility return this Fall.

The strategy started with gathering guidance from New York State and the New York State Department of Health, then addressing main concerns that the students, facility, and administration had for reopening. This strategy included daily activities, interior campus spaces, and mechanical air handling systems for air quality improvements.  

They are also working together on environmental testing that allows the university to know if there are positive cases before a person feels symptoms. Geosyntec is providing timely data to the university to help make informed decisions about appropriate, community-specific responses that do the most good for the university's population, while balancing economic impacts. It does this by gathering samples and then tests for SARS-CoV-2 within environmental media, such as on surfaces and within wastewater in the campus buildings.

Additionally, new stronger cleaning and disinfecting protocols are being put in place on the Brooklyn, Manhattan campuses, and in studios in the Pfizer Building. Efforts are currently underway to assure that disinfecting materials are safe to use in studios, labs, and shops. This is to make sure that artwork, models, compositions, art materials, camera and film equipment, and other materials are not damaged. 

Matt Basso, MS, CHMM (New Jersey) is acting as the Pratt Response Coordinator for the Pratt Reopening Project. Matt is a Senior Consultant based in New Jersey with more than 30 years of experience focused on environmental due diligence processes and environmental health & safety (EHS) compliance auditing while employed in Fortune 100 corporations within the pharmaceutical sector; deep experience in Industrial Hygiene with key strengths in site investigation and remediation. 

Other Geosyntec project team members include George Hollerbach, P.E., Program Director; Christina Pump, Assistant Response Coordinator; Brooke Fait, MPH, P.G., CIH, Technical Health Advisor; Duane Graves, Ph.D., and Mary DeFlaun, Ph.D., both science advisors to this project.

Founded in 1887, Pratt Institute is a global leader in higher education dedicated to preparing its 4,875 undergraduate and graduate students for successful careers in art, design, architecture, information and library science, and liberal arts and sciences. Located in a cultural hub with historic campuses in Brooklyn and Manhattan, as well as a campus in Utica, New York (PrattMWP College of Art and Design). Pratt has an esteemed faculty of accomplished professionals and scholars who challenge their talented students to transform their passion into meaningful expression.

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