February 11, 2020

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Panos Andonyadis to Present on Flood Protection and Enabling Infrastructure at the CGS Deep Foundation Workshop

Panos Andonyadis, P.E. (Illinois) will present "The Port Lands Flood Protection and Enabling Infrastructure Project (PLFP)" at the Canadian Geotechnical Society-Southern Ontario Section (CGS-SOS) Deep Foundation Workshop at the Pearson Convention Center in Brampton, Ontario from 10:45- 11:30 a.m. on February 13, 2020.

Panos is a Senior Engineer based in Illinois focused on earth retaining systems, marine bulkhead design, site redevelopment, ground improvement, micropile foundation design, slope stability design, CCR landfill design, CQA/CQC, and site investigation.

This technical workshop is designed to provide insights into deep foundation construction and design. The workshop is comprised of keynote presentations by a distinguished international deep foundation expert and local case studies by professionals in Ontario's deep foundation industry. The workshop highlights the importance of new construction techniques and design methodologies. It will provide participants with a concise understanding of construction techniques and challenges of drilled shafts, continuous flight auger piles, slurry walls, and application of drilled shaft in earth retaining structures. Some risk components that must be considered in the planning, design, and construction of foundations for complex transportation infrastructure and building projects will be discussed.

The CGS-SOS represents the national organization at the local level, covering Southern Ontario. The CGS-SOS was established in the early 1970s and forms the largest region of the Society. Its purpose is to provide opportunities for continuing education (through lectures and seminars), and for constructive dialogue and sharing of experiences. This is accomplished through organizing events on about a monthly basis.


The Port Lands Flood Protection and Enabling Infrastructure Project (PLFP) is an ongoing revitalization project in southeast Toronto, Canada. The PLFP includes the construction of an over 1km long naturalized river valley that extends from the mouth of the Don River through a formal industrial area as part of a comprehensive plan to protect the city's downtown from flooding during a regulatory storm event and facilitate redevelopment of historically industrial area with new parklands.

The site's history, geology, and location created complications and challenges to the design and construction of the river valley. The site is a filled in floodplain within Lake Ontario originally intended for industrial use. The subsurface conditions of the site consist of uncontrolled fills overlaying thick deposit of highly organic soils that are compressible which are underlain by a thick layer of alluvial sand and silts. To protect the river valley and its ecological features from NAPLs and other contaminants, an environmental barrier system is integrated into the river valley. The barrier system and other features of the river valley require dry conditions for construction. Therefore, a cutoff wall up to 40m deep will be constructed around the around the entire river valley to protect the site from Lake Ontario. However, portions of the site did not require dry construction conditions. For those areas, environmental barriers and river finishes that could be constructed in the wet were designed. To address construction schedule challenges, the project will be executed in phases requiring a series of plug walls to be constructed. In the end when construction is complete, staged flooding will be required to protect environmental barrier and river valley from surge loading.

This presentation will provide a synopsis of the project background, design challenges, and constructability challenges encountered, and a discussion of the design strategy and engineered solutions developed to facilitate construction of the river valley.


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About the event: http://cgs-sos.ca/event/february-2020-deepfoundationsworkshop/
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