November 15, 2019

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Geosyntec to Present on Vapor Intrusion at the Canadian National Science Summit 2019

Geosyntec will deliver four presentations at the Canadian National Science Summit 2019 hosted by the Bureau Veritas Laboratories in Toronto, Ontario on November 26, 2019.

Todd McAlary, Ph.D., P.Eng., P.G., Darius Mali, P.Eng., C-NRPP, Richard Steer, and Paul Nicholson, P.Eng., (Ontario) will conduct live demonstrations and deliver presentations.

Todd is a Senior Principal Engineer based in Ontario with more than 30 years of international consulting experience focused on the evaluation of contaminant fate and transport in soil and groundwater.

Darius is a Scientist based in Ontario focused on environmental consulting including self-sustaining active remediation (STAR) ex situ testing, zero valent iron permeable reactive barrier construction oversight, excavations, ground water sampling, soil vapor sampling, high volume sampling, and building pressure cycling.

Richard is a Senior Staff Scientist based in Ontario focused on field oversight and monitoring, groundwater investigation and remediation, soil vapor investigation and mitigation, and in situ remediation.

Paul is a Senior Engineer based in Ontario with 15 years of experience in environmental consulting. His practice focuses on assessing and mitigating human health risks associated with sub-surface vapor intrusion, including developing many large-scale vapor intrusion assessment programs for properties with as many as a 1,000 buildings and prioritizing properties based on a building specific conceptual site model using historical soil and groundwater information.

The goal of the National Science Summit is to share scientific advancement in environmental sciences, showcasing the technical depth and expertise within our industry. The forum will also provide practitioners and leaders in the environmental marketplace with the opportunity to share success stories, best practices, and key learnings from innovative and creative projects and technologies.

For over 50 years, Bureau Veritas Laboratories (formerly Maxxam) has been a leader in analytical services and solutions to the energy, environmental, industrial hygiene, food, and DNA industries.


Title: New Tools for Vapor Intrusion Investigation & Mitigation
Presenter: Todd McAlary, Geosyntec
Time: 14:00

Title: Live Demonstration – HVS, Pneumatic Testing, Traver Testing and Modeling for Vapor Intrusion
Presenters: Darius Mali and Richard Steer, Geosyntec
Time: 15:15

Title: New Tools for Building Pressure Control for Vapor Intrusion
Presenter: Paul Nicholson, Geosyntec
Time: 15:45

Title: Vapor Intrusion Case Studies – Evaluation and Mitigation
Presenter:Todd McAlary, Geosyntec
Time: 16:15

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