July 12, 2019

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Randy Brandt Presented on Climate Change and Environmental Due Diligence at Baker McKenzie's Annual International Environmental Law Conference

Randy Brandt, P.G. (California) presented "The Intersection of Climate Change and Environmental Due Diligence" at Baker McKenzie's Annual International Environmental Law Conference in Chicago, Illinois on June 19-21, 2019.

Randy is a Senior Principal Geologist based in California with more than 30 years of management and technical experience with environmental and hazardous waste issues. He has focused on development and implementation of environmental restoration programs for blighted hazardous waste sites ranging in size from gasoline service stations to closed military bases.

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The presentation focused on best practices for incorporating impacts from sea level rise and extreme flood conditions into the environmental due diligence process. The presentation identified business and environmental drivers for concern and discussed how these drivers can be addressed in the context of the ASTM E1527 Standard for Environmental Site Assessments.

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Learn more about Randy: https://www.geosyntec.com/people/randy-brandt