October 17, 2018

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Jamey Rosen Coauthored a White Paper Entitled "Project Information Management Systems in the Deep Foundations Industry" Published by the Deep Foundations Institute

Jamey Rosen, P.Geo. (Ontario) coauthored a white paper entitled "Project Information Management Systems in the Deep Foundations Industry" that was published by the Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) in 2018. 

Jamey co-chairs the Project Information Management Systems Committee. His coauthors Vanessa Bateman, Massimo Mucci, and Mark Peterson are all members of the committee.

The Project Information Management Systems Committee was convened in early 2018 in response to a trend in the industry towards digitalization of data and the increase in use of data management and geospatial tools including Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Building Information Management (BIM). The committee's mandate is to collect and track trends in owner specifications, methods, and technologies that feature information management applications applied to deep foundation projects. Their initial goals include the authorship of one or more White Papers or Guidance Documents available to DFI members that assist in navigating these trends.

Jamey Rosen is a Senior Principal Geoscientist based in Ontario with more than 20 years of experience focused on information management system design and development and GIS. Jamey has developed systems to validate, manage, analyze and visualize construction, geotechnical, and environmental data for projects and facilities in the United States and Canada.

DFI, incorporated in 1976, is an international association of contractors, engineers, manufacturers, suppliers, academics and owners in the deep foundations industry. Their multidisciplinary membership creates a consensus voice and a common vision for continual improvement in the planning, design and construction of deep foundations and excavations. They bring together members through networking, education, communication and collaboration. With their members, they promote the advancement of the deep foundations industry through technical committees, educational programs and conferences, publication of guides and specifications, a peer-reviewed journal, a flagship magazine, research, government relations and outreach. DFI has more than 3,300 involved, knowledgeable and committed members worldwide.

Paper Description

This document provides a general introduction to the concepts and applications of a Project Information Management System (PIMS) to the geotechnical foundations industry. While geotechnical projects have always generated data and created related visualizations and analyses, in the past decade the industry has seen an increase in specifications and owner requirements for formal data management and associated project submissions. At the same time, new and adapted technologies are emerging (the nature and rate of adoption of these differ across regions and owners) that allow increased automation and greater digitalization and generation of data in increasing volumes. The PIMS Committee of Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) was formed to guide the industry in navigating these trends and provide tools to DFI members to maximize the benefits from information management. This document was written by the DFI PIMS committee to provide some non-technical guidance to the industry on these concepts.

More Information

Read or download the whitepaper: http://www.dfi.org/publications.asp?goto=1046#P1046.
For consultation regarding project information management systems, contact Jamey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Learn more about Jamey at: https://www.geosyntec.com/people/jamey-rosen