September 12, 2018

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Nick Muenks to Present "Tips and Best Practices for Successful Permit Applications" at the Missouri Water Seminar

Nick Muenks (Missouri) will present "Tips and Best Practices for Successful Permit Applications" at the 2018 Missouri Water Seminar at the Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center in Columbia, Missouri at 3:20 p.m. on September 12, 2018.

Nick is a Senior Scientist based in Missouri with more than 15 years of experience addressing a diverse range of water quality issues such as remedial site investigations, stormwater characterization, agricultural and urban BMP performance, watershed management, development of water quality-based effluent limitations, assessment of beneficial uses and their attainability, development of site-specific water quality criteria, and waste water impact evaluations. He routinely serves as a technical advisor for design and implementation of innovative surface water monitoring systems.

This conference, offered in cooperation with Missouri Department of Natural Resources'(MDNR) Water Pollution Protection Program, is an opportunity to learn about important and timely water issues. U.S. EPA Region 7 officials will provide a Federal perspective on a variety of issues.

The mission of the MDNR is to protect Missouri's natural resources while promoting the environmentally sound operations of businesses, agriculture, and industry in interactions with the public.

The Regulatory Environmental Group for Missouri (REGFORM) is the premier statewide business organization working on environmental policy in Missouri. They work closely with state and federal agencies and other stakeholders to ensure that environmental protection in Missouri is based on sound, technically defensible science that produces demonstrated environmental improvement commensurate with the cost of compliance.


Have you read your permit? Maybe you're expecting a draft from MDNR. Here are some tips on how to read your permit…things you should be looking for, anticipating particular issues, timing your discussions with MDNR, key concepts on the watch list, and prioritizing those things that could impact you most

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