October 2, 2013

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MMI Announces NASA Contract Contributing to Constellation Program

OAKLAND — MMI Engineering, a wholly owned subsidiary of Geosyntec Consultants, is pleased to announce it was recently awarded a contract by the NASA Ames Research Center to develop numerical simulation approaches for possible adverse events in a rocket launch vehicle leading to deflagration of the propellant liquid hydrogen and oxygen. MMI will simulate phenomenology that involves both structural mechanics and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), i.e., rupture of the propellant tanks, the phase change, mixing and deflagration of the propellants, and recording of the associated heat and pressure waves.

This project is part of NASA's simulation-assisted risk assessment that supports the ongoing Constellation Program to develop the next generation manned space exploration system that is expected to replace the current fleet of space shuttles scheduled for retirement in 2010. The exploration system is being designed to have the capability to take human explorers again to the moon and, perhaps, to Mars.

Staff based in MMI's Oakland office will oversee the structural mechanics tasks, and our UK Bristol office team will take the lead for the CFD aspects of the project.