August 20, 2018

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Geosyntec Sponsors the 13th Annual Georgia Environmental Conference

As in previous years, Geosyntec will be a Gold Sponsor of the 13th Annual Georgia Environmental Conference (GEC) at the Jekyll Island Convention Center in Georgia on August 22-24, 2018.

Ganesh Krishnan, P.E., CPESC, D.WRE (Georgia) is a Steering Committee member for the Georgia Environmental Conference and serves as the Scholarship Committee Chair. Chris Saranko, Ph.D. will present on changes to the methodology for deriving Risk Reduction Standards (RRS) for soil and groundwater included in the proposed amendments to Georgia's Hazardous Site Response Act (HSRA) regulations. John Hollar, P.E. (Georgia) will moderate a session entitled "Effective and Sustainable Combined Remedies," with Gregory Roush, P.G. and Shanna Thompson, P.E. (Georgia) as speakers in that session. Nicole Caruso P.E., CPESC (Georgia) will also attend.

Geosyntec is a sponsor of the conference and a sponsor for the student scholarships.

The Annual GEC is a comprehensive educational opportunity attended by more than 700 local, state, and federal government officials, business leaders, attorneys, consultants, engineers, developers, land owners, architects, agribusiness leaders, and others with an interest in environmental activities in Georgia and the Southeast region.

Over the three-day event, the GEC will host a group of environmental professionals seeking to exchange knowledge and share ideas relevant to environmental concerns in Georgia and across the Southeast region. The curriculum offers more than 50 unique courses, allowing attendees to design a personalized curriculum by selecting nine educational breakout sessions, while receiving approved Continuing Education credits, if applicable.

Session Descriptions

Session Title: HSRA Rule Amendment Update – Hot off the Press!
Moderator: John Spinrad, Arnall Golden Gregory
Speakers: Chris Saranko, Geosyntec; Steven Aufdenkampe, Norfolk Southern; Jason Metzger, Georgia EPD
Description: This session will provide a timely update and discussion of the amendments to Hazardous Site Response Act (HSRA) regulations that are scheduled to be considered for adoption by the Board of Natural Resources on August 22, 2018. The majority of the amendments involve adjustments to methodology used to derive risk reduction standards (RRS) for soil and groundwater; however, there are also some changes that are intended to bring the HSRA program more in line with the Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP). The speakers will summarize the recent Board meeting, provide an overview of the rule changes with insights on how the changes are likely to impact HSRA-regulated sites, and discuss other issues that may be considered in another round of HSRA rule updates on the horizon.

Session Title: Effective and Sustainable Combined Remedies
Topic Coordinator: Ganesh Krishnan
Moderator: John Hollar, Geosyntec
Speakers: Matthew Burns, WSP; Greg Roush and Shanna Thompson, Geosyntec; Anna Azimi, Microbial Insights
Description: The combined remedy approach to site remediation optimizes contaminated site cleanup as measured by technical efficacy, sustainability and cost to closure. Some combined remedies focus on treating the same physical portion of the plume with a multi-step process or a multi-component amendment. Other combined remedies couple a more aggressive technology in the source area with a less aggressive remedy in the dilute plume. Case studies that demonstrate the value of this combined remedies approach will be presented, including a case study of a former wood treating facility that was treated via consolidation, slurry wall construction, product recovery, and in-situ chemical oxidation. This session will also discuss supporting conventional and advanced diagnostic data, including compound specific isotope analysis (CSIA) and genetic-based molecular biological tools (MBTs).

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