March 21, 2018

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Ken Susilo to Lead Discussions on Stormwater Management at P3 Water Summit

Ken Susilo (California) will present at the P3 Water Summit at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, California on April 3-4, 2018.

Ken will serve in a number of roles at the summit:

  • He will host a series of roundtable discussions on Public Private Partnerships (P3s) and performance-based infrastructure for stormwater
  • He will moderate a stormwater panel entitled "Performance Based Metrics for Stormwater Quality and Water Resources", focused on criteria for developing P3 approaches with regulatory, legal, and financial constraints
  • He will serve on a stormwater panel focused on implementation options and mechanics, citing lessons learned throughout the country, entitled "The Realities Inherent in Performance-Based Stormwater Delivery Approaches"

Ken Susilo is a Senior Principal Water Resources Engineer with Geosyntec Consultants based in California with more than 27 years of experience focused on multi-benefit, integrated and innovating stormwater management. Geosyntec Consultants are national, industry leaders in stormwater management, planning, engineering, design, construction, and applied research.

According to Tyson Iravani (Director, P3 Water Summit ) "The P3 Water Summit is excited to feature emerging topics like Stormwater P3s in its program this year. It is critical for us as an industry to understand and characterize engineering needs, inherent natural variabilities, regulatory requirements, risks, and financial objectives. Our stormwater track, developed in partnership with Ken and Geosyntec Consultants, will explore and highlight the value that comprehensive delivery approaches like public private partnerships can provide to our nation's stormwater infrastructure."

The summit program features a broad range of topics focusing on how P3s can improve service quality and system reliability, address deferred operations and maintenance, provide options for smaller communities, and economically deliver water projects of different sizes.

The agenda for the summit takes a clear look at current trends in P3s, while examining contract structures, facility types, and financing mechanisms in use. Through conversations with agency leaders, project owners, and advisers, the Summit explores best practices and lessons learned from successful partnerships.

Ken's Participation

Table 12: Stormwater P3s and Performance Based Infrastructure
Stormwater and water management agencies face a variety of obligations. These include Clean Water Act requirements (often as stormwater permits with Total Maximum Daily Loads) administered by a variety of Federal, State and Regional regulatory agencies. Other challenges include infrastructure funding limitations, climate change resiliency, and risk/liability management. We'll discuss some of the pressing issues in the context of stormwater infrastructure metrics and delivery mechanisms, with a focus on knowledge sharing and broader applications. Examples of successful partnerships and governance structures that have realized multiple benefits (particularly those that can leverage resources) will also be shared.

Title: Performance Based Metrics for Stormwater Quality and Water Resources
Time: 4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Location: Harbor Ballroom H
Description: The establishment of clear performance metrics for regulatory compliance, valuation, and payment are essential for developing stormwater P3s and performance based infrastructure (PBI). This panel will discuss the regulator, owner, funder, and P3 developer perspectives of each of these metrics, and will explore potential functional frameworks. Key topics, provided from each perspective, will include measurable and definable metrics, financial structures, risk transfer, documentation, monitoring for conformance, and constraints (including political constraints). Other topics will include opportunities and potential benefit (again, from each perspective) to explore common ground, and to establish whether a confluence of national precedent, examples of analogous utilities, and specific goals (including the establishment of new revenue sources), can provide a baseline framework to advance P3s and PBI further. This session will include prominent leaders bringing both California and nation-wide perspectives.

Title: The Realities Inherent in Performance-Based Stormwater Delivery Approaches.
Time: 10:45 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.
Location: Harbor Ballroom G
Description: Building off the discussion on performance based metrics, this panel focuses on linkage of specific metrics to alternative delivery mechanisms, and presents lessons learned from initiatives and programs already under way, including P3s, community based public-private partnerships (CBP3s), and PBIs. The panel will discuss different financial structures, and the benefits and drawbacks of each structure, with a focus on governance, transactional acceptance, risk management, and contractual obligations. Examples and case studies from across the country will be discussed, providing insights to financial and regional considerations.

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