March 15, 2018

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Geosyntec Staff Contribute Vapor Intrusion Expertise to Environmental Managers Magazine

Deran Pursoo (Arizona), Dave Folkes, and Ted Kuehster (Colorado) are contributing authors for an article entitled "Site-Redevelopment for Commercial Expansion Using Plastic-Dome Forms for Aerated Floor Construction" in the Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA) Environmental Managers (EM) Magazine March 2018 issue.

The article discusses commercial expansion over former industrial parcels and landfills with contaminated soils via utilization of low-cost methane mitigation systems that use a sub-slab matrix of thermoplastic, structural domes, to provide sub-floor aeration and collection of soil gas beneath building floor slabs. Comparative results from plastic dome and gravel layer installations at a newly constructed 20,000 square foot building in Tempe, AZ are included with intent to promote the importance and value of effective, efficient, and "green" engineering control methods for soil gases.

Deran Pursoo is a Civil and Environmental Engineer based in Arizona with 11 years of experience providing soil and groundwater environmental engineering investigation, process design, project management, construction oversight, and treatment system optimization services. Deran's skillset has contributed to project management and remediation services at more than 30 environmental sites over the course of his career.

Dave Folkes is a Senior Principal Environmental Consultant based in Colorado. He is one of the nation's foremost experts on vapor intrusion (VI) evaluation and mitigation and was among the instructors for U.S. EPA's first VI mitigation guidance and training seminars, held in 2002 and 2003. Dave has served as a consultant to industry and regulatory agencies on more than 100 VI sites around the world, has also helped metals processing and mining companies address environmental impacts at a number of sites, including management of remedial investigations, feasibility studies, and remedial actions at the ASARCO Globe Plant in Denver.

Ted Kuehster is a Civil and Environmental Engineer based in Colorado with more than 30 years of experience in conducting and managing environmental investigation and remediation projects with a focus on vapor intrusion, soil and groundwater remediation at mining and metals sites, former refineries, and chlorinated solvent sites. Ted has effectively managed projects with multidisciplinary project teams and has also co-authored five representative publications over the course of his career with primary focus on vapor intrusion.

EM, A&WMA's monthly magazine for environmental managers, explores a range of issues affecting the industry with articles and columns written by leaders in the field. EM also informs readers about important developments during the year with coverage of regulatory changes; U.S. EPA research; new technologies; market analyses; environment, health, and safety issues; new products; professional development opportunities; and more.

A&WMA is a non-profit organization that promotes global environmental responsibility with public education and outreach to more than 65 countries.

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