February 27, 2018

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Rodolfo Sancio to Present on the Management of Geohazards at the 2018 PRCI Research Exchange Meeting

Rodolfo Sancio (Texas) will present at the 2018 Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI) Research Exchange Meeting at the Hyatt Regency Miami in Florida during Track Two from 8:00 – 10:00 a.m. on March 7, 2018. 

His presentation is entitled "Guidelines for Management of Geohazards Affecting the Engineering and Construction of New Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines." His co-authors were Anthony Rice, Jean Audibert, David Morgan, and Jordan Rattray.

Rodolfo Sancio, Ph.D., P.E., D.GE is a Senior Principal Geotechnical Engineer based in Houston, Texas with more than 18 years of experience focused on geohazard evaluations, geotechnical site investigations, site development and ground improvement solutions, and advanced foundation analyses for large industrial facilities and civil construction.

The 2018 Research Exchange Meeting will provide PRCI member companies, their key research partners, and external stakeholders with a report on the important research results and outcomes for completed research projects and programs. The meeting will include two days of technical presentations covering a variety of safety and integrity management topics, including corrosion assessment; geo-hazards; coatings; right of way monitoring; mechanical damage; design considerations; material characteristics and properties; developing traceable, complete, and verifiable records; in-line inspection performance and enhancement; NDE technology enhancements and validation; and leak detection.

PRCI is a community of the world's leading pipeline companies, and the vendors, service providers, equipment manufacturers, and other organizations supporting our industry. Since 1952, PRCI has provided a unique forum within the energy pipeline industry through the development and deployment of research solutions to the operational, maintenance, and regulatory challenges that face the pipeline industry.


Pipelines are inextricably exposed to geohazards given that they are long structures that encounter variable terrain and geologic conditions, including water bodies. As such, reconnaissance, feasibility, and engineering design studies for new or existing pipelines need to include analyses that identify, characterize, and mitigate the potential effects of geohazards on pipeline integrity. De-veloping a pipeline project without considering geohazards early in the project cycle and mitigating them, as appropriate, is likely to lead to greater construction costs, contractor claims, schedule delays, and ultimately higher operational costs.

The technical literature includes numerous publications describing approaches, methods, and recommendations, for identifying, characterizing, and mitigating geohazards, as well and case histories of pipelines affected by geohazards and how their effects were mitigated. However, these publications are not comprehensive; separately provide information for identification, characterization, and mitigation; do not include all geohazards affecting pipelines; or may not have been developed specifically for pipelines.

PRCI identified this gap and commissioned the development of a guidance document to succinctly incorporate geohazard management guidance into a single volume addressing i) the types of geo-hazards affecting pipelines, ii) the typical process used in practice to identify and characterize geohazards throughout the various project stages, iii) the techniques used to mitigate the geohazards, and iv) the approaches and methods recommended to project teams of owners, operators, engineers, and contractors to successfully execute projects. The guidance document is intended for a wide audience that includes technical and nontechnical managers at companies owning and operating pipelines, geoscience and engineering teams involved in studying and assessing pipeline integrity hazards, and construction staff, regulators, lenders, and other stakeholders involved in executing pipeline projects.

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