November 20, 2017

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Geosyntec Practitioners Lead Conference Workshop and Co-Author Papers on Sustainability Framework for Portland Harbor Superfund Site

Anne Fitzpatrick, L.H.G. (Washington) and Amanda McNally, P.E. (Pennsylvania) have developed a sustainable remediation framework for the Portland Harbor Sediment Superfund Site on behalf of ExxonMobil Environmental Services Company.

This framework, the first comprehensive sustainability assessment of remedial alternatives at a sediment Superfund site in the United States, included a quantitative environmental impact and benefit analysis, regional economic modeling (conducted by NERA Economic Consultants), and a stakeholder values-based sustainability assessment (conducted by SEA Environmental Decisions Ltd). The study evaluated the remedial alternatives developed by the United States EPA Region 10 in the Feasibility Study and Proposed Plan and sought to incorporate balanced stakeholder perspectives into the decision-making process. The study was submitted to U.S. EPA Region 10 during the public comment period for the Proposed Plan and was endorsed by eight parties to the Superfund cleanup. 

The team coauthored a special series approved for publication in the journal Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management.

The series includes five papers:

Anne and Amanda coauthored the special series with Dr. Apitz, Dr. Harrison, Conor Coughlin (NERA Economic Consultants), Betsy Ruffle (AECOM), Matthew Salmon (AECOM), Sera Mirchandani (AECOM), Jamie Henderson (truGround), Clare Murphy-Hagan (AECOM), Gemma Kirkwood (AECOM), Fredrick Wolf (Total), and Deborah A. Edwards, Ph.D. (ExxonMobil Environmental Services Company).

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