September 18, 2017

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Emily Campbell Presents at the 7th International Symposium for Wetland Pollutant Dynamics and Control

Emily Campbell (Illinois) presented at the 7th International Symposium for Wetland Pollutant Dynamics and Control (WETPOL) at Big Sky Resort in Montana on August 21-25, 2017.

Emily's presentation was entitled "Constructed Wetlands for Milking Facility Wastewater: Transforming Research into Best Management Practices." It was a continuation of her master's degree research on the treatment of milking facility wastewater. She collaborated with the Michigan Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and Michigan State University. Her research was developed into NRCS standard 629, Vegetated Gravel Contactor. This technology also holds promise for domestic wastewater treatment, other agricultural applications such as concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO) and aquaculture wastewater treatment, contaminated stormwater or groundwater treatment, industrial applications such as leachate treatment, and the food processing, pulp and paper, mining, and petroleum industries.

Her co-authors were Suzanne Reamer and Steven Safferman.

WETPOL is an important global conference bringing together scientists, engineers and practitioners working on the use of wetlands for water quality improvement. Held in the United States for the first time, this conference was designed to create opportunities for collaborative exchange. A full program was planned to focus on domestic wastewater treatment wetlands, urban stormwater wetlands and bio-swales, riparian wetland restoration, wetlands in agricultural settings and wetland biogeochemistry. The conference included one day of field trips that explored examples of constructed, restored and unique natural wetlands and riparian areas in the region.

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