September 13, 2017

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Yonas Zemuy to Present at 2017 AEG Annual Meeting

Yonas Zemuy (California) will present at the 2017 Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists (AEG) Annual Meeting at the Antlers Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado, September 12-16, 2017.

Yonas' presentation is entitled "Large Landslide Remediation by Slot-Cut Construction Technique at a Southern California Landfill," and his project team members were Saverio Siciliano, Chris Conkle, Alex Stern, Zahra Amini, Mike Minch, Chris Hunt, Goodwin Wharton, and Robert Bachus.


Construction in existing landslide debris can be very challenging. The complexity of such construction becomes unique when livelihood of the project is tied to constructing steep slopes. Landfills are great examples of such projects where maximizing the air space capacity coupled with maintaining the stability of existing landslides demand advanced design, analysis, construction technics and sequencing. Segmental (also known as slot-cut) excavations have been widely used to maintain stable slopes during excavations adjacent to structures or at the toe of steep and potentially unstable slopes. It is well known that the improvement of slope performance in slot-cut excavations over what would be expected based on two-dimensional evaluations is due to the contribution of out-of-plane resistance or the three-dimensional (3D) effect on slope stability. The evaluation of slot-cut stability in practice, however, is often based on a highly simplified single-block wedge analysis valid only for simple slope geometry and homogeneous soil conditions. We recently proposed a remedial design for a large landslide (over 75 acres) in formation materials at a major landfill in Southern California, incorporating the slot-cut excavation approach. The design calls for a staged development with segmental excavation and engineered buttress construction along the toe of an existing creeping landslide. Using 3D software, the critical slots at several locations along the toe of the landslide were analyzed to provide input into the project specifications. The landslide was evaluated from several different orientations and appropriate recommendations were made. This presentation will discuss the overall approach to remediation of the landslide, origins of the slot cut approach for this project, and the proposed implementation of the approach including monitoring with geotechnical instrumentation.

The planned symposia and technical sessions include induced seismicity, slope stability and debris flows, rock mechanics, drone technology, industrial minerals and mining, geophysics, groundwater, and flood hazards and more. Short courses topics will include drone technology, debris flows, rock coring, and professional ethics.

The Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists (AEG) contributes to its members' professional success and the public welfare by providing leadership, advocacy, and applied research in environmental and engineering geology.

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