August 4, 2017

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Geosyntec Awarded 2017 Outstanding Geotechnical Project by ASCE San Diego

Geosyntec was awarded the 2017 Outstanding Geotechnical Project by the San Diego Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) for the Alta La Jolla Drainage Repair – Phase 2 Project in California.

The Alta La Jolla Drainage Repair Project mitigated progressive erosion of an ephemeral channel that was threatening the stability of slopes below adjacent residential properties. The project restored natural hydraulic conditions through use of an innovative weir to direct pre- and post-development flows into a rehabilitated channel or storm drain, and construction of a detention basin to attenuate peak flows to minimize flooding impacts. The project design minimized habitat disturbance and restored valuable Multiple Species Conservation Program lands with native vegetation. The innovative cost-effective design provides long-term geotechnical stability, stream course protection, and provides sensitive habitat and water quality improvements.

Important Geosyntec contributors to this project included Alex Greene, Max Dugan, Gerard Ellison, Ronald Johnson, Venkat Gummadi and Kathleen Harrison.

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For more information regarding the project, visit: La Jolla Alta Channel Repair and Geotechnical Stability Project
For more information on Alta La Jolla Drainage Repair, contact Ron Johnson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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