April 17, 2017

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Rodolfo Sancio to Present at Norwegian Geotechnical Institute Workshop

Rodolfo Sancio (Texas) will deliver a presentation entitled "Integrity and Risk Assessment of Pipelines and SCRs" at the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute's (NGI) workshop at the NGI office in Houston, Texas from 8:00 - 4:00 p.m. on April 27, 2017.

According to Rodolfo, delivering safe, reliable and cost effective solutions to complex and challenging problems is the ultimate goal in our industry. Currently, the codes and standards lack specific guidance on geotechnical soil modeling for pipelines and SCRs (steel catenary risers) and strength analyses. Therefore, NGI, is organizing this 1 -day workshop free of cost to attendees, to provide a platform to stimulate a discussion and interaction between industry and researchers, and highlight the current state-of-practice and knowledge gaps in pipelines and SCRs.

The following topics will be discussed:

1) Current practice in soil modeling for pipelines and SCRs, and knowledge gaps,
2) Implications of knowledge gaps in the current practice on delivery of safe, reliable, and cost effective engineering solutions,
3) Recent developments made towards addressing knowledge gaps and performance feedback,
4) Field monitoring and evaluation of predictive tools,
5) Mitigation and control methods, and
6) Future activities needed to address knowledge gaps.

Rodolfo Sancio is a Senior Principal Geotechnical Engineer based in Houston, Texas with more than 18 years of experience focused on geohazard evaluations, geotechnical site investigations, site development and ground improvement solutions, and advanced foundation analyses for large industrial facilities and civil construction.

Rodolfo's practice focuses on onshore and offshore geotechnical engineering projects for the upstream and midstream oil and gas and petrochemical industry. He has practical knowledge of theoretical soil mechanics and dynamics as well as state-of-the-art analytical techniques for the examination of sands, clays, and silts.

The Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI), established in 1953, is a non-profit private foundation for research and consulting on geo-related problems. NGI is recognized as a leading international center for research and consulting within the geosciences and offers expertise on the behavior of soil, rock and snow and their interaction with the natural and built environment. NGI has around 230 employees, eighty percent of whom have MSc or PhD degrees from top international universities.

More Information

For more information regarding the event, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
For more information on the integrity and risk assessment of pipelines and SCRs, contact Rodolfo Sancio at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
To learn more about Rodolfo see his profile at: http://www.geosyntec.com/people/rodolfo-sancio