December 19, 2016

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Lee Mullon and Mike Hardin Present at Florida Stormwater Association Winter Conference

Lee Mullon and Mike Hardin (Florida) presented at the Florida Stormwater Association's (FSA) Winter 2016 conference in on December 7, 2016.

Lee presented on a case study of a 2.5 year stormwater best management practice (BMP) monitoring project for Orange County, Florida and Mike presented on a street sweeping optimization project recently completed for the City of Lakeland, Florida.

The Florida Stormwater Conference is a municipal stormwater conference which helps organize stormwater-related research, advocacy, and legislative relations for dozens of member cities and counties within Florida, including a number of Geosyntec clients.

Lee's presentation was entitled "Got Nutrients? BAM! Modular Wetland Performance with BAM" and it discussed two modular wetland BMPs that were installed to treat stormwater inflow to Bay Lake, an impaired water within Orange County. The BMPs utilize biologic uptake and biosorption activated media (BAM) to reduce nutrient loading within an open structure. Each BMP used separate BAM, including expanded slate and Bold and Gold to assess different BAM performance. The results of this project should help determine the pollutant load reduction effectiveness of each BAM technology within an in-line stormwater quality BMP system, specifically for nutrient control of stormwater runoff within an urban watershed environment.

Mike's presentation was entitled "Evaluation of Lakeland's Street Sweeping Operations for Nutrient Removal Efficiency" and it discussed street sweeping is a common pollution source control practice performed by municipalities to help meet requirements for improving the quality of stormwater runoff. Currently, the nutrient reduction benefit of street sweeping is determined using the results of an FSA Educational Foundation study performed by UF. The FSAEF study provides a thorough evaluation of the benefits and defines a methodology for determining the nutrient mass reduction due to street sweeping activities.

The workshop presented the results of a recent street sweeping optimization study performed for the City of Lakeland. Variables of interest include nutrient content associated with different land use types, tree cover, particle size of collected street debris, and seasonality. Sampling procedures as well as results were presented.

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