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November 17, 2016

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Roads and Bridges Ranks Geosyntec Project a Top Ten Best Road in U.S.

Roads & Bridges magazine has named La Pata Avenue Gap Closure one of the top 10 best roads in the U.S. for 2016. The publication features the Geosyntec-designed project on the October cover: "Digging Your Way Out / Massive Excavation Keys California Project."

La Pata Avenue Gap Closure is a 2.3-mile long, new Class 1 Arterial Highway with four grade separation structures, constructed over challenging geologic conditions (including large landslide deposits and an old municipal solid waste landfill), near San Juan Capistrano, California. Geosyntec was selected as design geotechnical, geological, and environmental consultant in 2011 and later provided support during construction, which was completed in 2016. One of the notable design accomplishments by Geosyntec was developing the geotechnical stabilization of a large paleo-landslide deposit that is approximately 3,000 feet long and 300 feet deep.

Another notable accomplishment was designing a waste excavation along the road alignment with an unprecedented temporary cutslope in refuse up to 120 feet high, inclined at 1.5:1 (horizontal:vertical). The waste excavation was closed with an engineered liner in accordance with regulatory requirements. The waste removal below the roadway reduced long-term maintenance costs for the owner due to waste secondary settlement.

The Huntington Beach, California-based project team for La Pata Gap Connector was headed by Saverio Siciliano (Design Project Manager), Chris Conkle (Construction Phase Support Project Manager) and Eric Smalstig (Project Director). Key staff include: Alexander Stern, Stew Aadnes, and Bob Bachus (Georgia) as Senior Reviewer.

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