October 6, 2016

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Tim Ingram to Present at CRA’s Risk Forum

Tim Ingram (England) will be speaking at CRA's annual Risk Forum entitled "To Automate or Not to Automate" at Stratford Manor Hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon on October 5-6, 2016.

His topic, "Culture and Infrastructure Required to Automate Nuclear Processes," draws upon his broad experience as a System Engineer maintaining operations within the Nuclear and Defense sectors, including the provision of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and Logistics Support Analysis (LSA) to Defense projects across land, sea and air, and the fulfilment of Urgent Operational Requirements (UOR's) and Core Programs for Nuclear sector clients.

Since the inception of the nuclear industry there has been a cyclical dependence and distance from reliance on SQEP operators to undertake tasks. This has numerous effects; however these few key examples will serve to demonstrate the impact of reliance on automation to throughput processes and overall plant availability. There is a trend in the decommissioning sector towards a greater reliance placed upon the operator. This discussion will be balanced by a critique of approaches and standards used in other industry sectors, all of which have a constant trend to automation, and show how the decommissioning sector may learn from this security battle? And which threats are the ones to focus one?

Tim will represent MMI Engineering, a division of Geosyntec.

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For more information on nuclear processes, contact Tim Ingram at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.