May 18, 2016

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Geosyntec to Showcase Technical Leadership at Battelle's 2016 Chlorinated Conference

As in previous years, Geosyntec will make a significant technical contribution to the Tenth International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds at the Palm Springs Convention Center in Palm Springs, California on May 22-26 2016.

The activities of our 26 attendees will include six session chairs, 27 platform presentations, two panel moderators, 21 poster presentations, and a display in booth 405 at the exhibition hall.

The conference will provide a robust technical program as well as the opportunity to network with environmental professionals from around the world. The conference is planned to be large as well with 930 platform talks and poster presentations scheduled in 71 specialized sessions, 10 panel discussions on key topics, over 100 exhibitors, a student mixer, 8 short courses, and multiple informal networking opportunities. Attendance is expected to be 1,500 to 1,700 scientists, engineers, regulators, and other environmental professionals representing universities, government site management and regulatory agencies, and R&D and manufacturing firms from more than 30 countries.

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For more information on the conference, visit the conference website:

For more information about Geosyntec's technical contribution, see the list below.

Monday, May 23


Management of Complex DNAPL Sites
Chairs: Rula Anselmo Deeb (Geosyntec Consultants)
Linda Fiedler (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)
Session B1, May 23
12:35-3:55PM, Convention Center, Primrose B

Measurement and Monitoring Technologies and Tools
Chairs: Julie Konzuk (Geosyntec Consultants)
James Longstaffe (University of Guelph)
Session C1, May 23
12:35-3:55PM, Convention Center, Primrose C


Assessing Microbial Community Function at Remediation Sites with Next-Generation Sequencing
P. Dennis, K. Krivushin, P. Dollar, and E. Edwards.
Phil Dennis (SiREM/Canada)
Session C1, May 23, 1:25-1:50PM, Convention Center, Primrose C

NMR: A New Tool in Our Toolbox for Environmental Characterization 
J. Longstaffe, J. Konzuk, E. Mack, A. Beeler, and M. McMaster.
Julie Konzuk (Geosyntec Consultants)
Session C1, May 23, 2:40-3:05PM, Convention Center, Primrose C

Permanganate-Activated Persulfate (PMPS) for the Treatment of a Source Zone: An Innovative Dual- Oxidant Formulation.
B. Marvin, M. O'Neill, C. Scherier, K. Frasco, and P. Dugan.
Bruce Marvin (Geosyntec Consultants)
Session G1, May 23; 2:40-3:05PM, Renaissance Hotel, Pasadena

1,4-Dioxane Removal in Landfill Leachate by Bioreactors.
C. Zhou, B. Petty, and M. Schultheis.
Chao Zhou (Geosyntec Consultants)
Session F1, May 23, 3:05-3:30 PM, Renaissance Hotel, Madera


A2. In Situ Smoldering Combustion: Lessons Learned from Field Applications of the STAR
G.P. Grant, D. Major, G. Scholes, and S. O'Hara.
Gavin Grant (Savron/Canada)
May 23, 4:00-6:30PM, #11

A2. STARx Systems for the Treatment of Contaminated Soils and Liquid Organic Wastes.
G. Scholes, G.P. Grant, D. Major, and C. Murray.
Grant Scholes (Savron/Canada)
May 23, 4:00-6:30PM, #17

C3. Designing, Launching, and Facilitating a Webinar Program to Broaden and Strengthen SERDP and ESTCP Technology Transfer Efforts.
R.A. Deeb, J. Nyman, D. Rider, and A. Leeson.
Rula Anselmo Deeb (Geosyntec Consultants)
May 23, 4:00-6:30PM, #97

C3. Interactive Training System for Reductions in Cost and Complexity of Remediation and Long-Term Management of Contaminated Sites.
D.A. Reynolds, B.H. Kueper, K.M. Mumford, M.C. Kavanaugh, P. Kitanidis, and J. Rosen.
David Reynolds (Geosyntec Consultants)
May 23, 4:00-6:30PM, #99

C6. From Hostile, Complex-Mixture NAPL Source Areas to Tame, Diffuse Plumes: Variability in ERD Performance at NAS North Island.
N.D. Durant, A. Wadhawan, S. Smith, J. Roberts, J. Willis, G. Alyanakian, V. Hosangadi, and M. Pound.
Neal Durant (Geosyntec Consultants)
May 23, 4:00-6:30PM, #114

D1. Sealing Expansion Joint and Floor Cracks for Vapor-Intrusion Mitigation at a Large Industrial Building at Naval Air Station North Island.
M. Pound, L. Smith, N. Durant, P. Chang, and V. Hosangadi.
Lisa Smith (Geosyntec Consultants)
May 23, 4:00-6:30PM, #146

D3. High-Volume Sampling (HVS) for Subslab Vapor Characterization: Compilation and Statistical Analysis of >100 Tests.
T. McAlary, D. Bertrand, P. Nicholson, W. Wertz, and D. Mali.
Todd McAlary (Geosyntec Consultants)
May 23, 4:00-6:30PM, #152

D3. Passive Sampling for Vapor Intrusion Assessment: Summary of a 5-Year Study Funded by ESTCP. T. McAlary and H. Groenevelt.
Todd McAlary (Geosyntec Consultants)
May 23, 4:00-6:30PM, #153

D3. High-Volume Sampling: Characterizing Two Large Buildings in One Week.
J. Yeager, J. Connolly, D.G. Larson, and C. Martin.
Jessica Yeager (Geosyntec Consultants)
May 23, 4:00-6:30PM, #155

E1. Developing an Anaerobic Bioaugmentation Culture for Benzene Bioremediation.
S. Dworatzek, P. Dollar, E. Edwards, F. Luo, and T. Carlson.
Sandra Dworatzek (SiREM)
May 23, 4:00-6:30PM, #159

F1. 1,4-Dioxane Removal in Landfill Leachate by Bioreactors.
C. Zhou, B. Petty, and M. Schultheis.
Chao Zhou (Geosyntec Consultants)
May 23, 4:00-6:30PM, #194

H3. Progress on DIVER: Data Information Value to Evaluate Remediation.
D.A. Reynolds, B.H. Kueper, K.M. Mumford, M.C. Kavanaugh, P. Kitanidis, and D. Major.
David Reynolds (Geosyntec Consultants)
May 23, 4:00-6:30PM, #270

Tuesday, May 24


Addressing Petroleum Vapor Intrusion at Leaking Underground Storage Sites
Chairs: Bart Eklund (AECOM)
Todd McAlary (Geosyntec Consultants)
Session D2, May 24
8:00-9:40AM, Convention Center, Primrose D

Management of Complex LNAPL Sites
Tom Palaia (CH2M HILL)
Derek Tomlinson (Geosyntec Consultants)
Session E2, May 24
8:00-11:20AM, Renaissance Hotel, Catalina


Understanding Complex LNAPL Sites: Illustrated Handbook of LNAPL Fate and Behavior in the Subsurface.
D.W. Tomlinson, M.O. Rivett, R. Sweeney, J.W.N. Smith, S. Garg, S. Laharne, S.F. Thorton, G.P.  Wealthall, A.O. Thomas, and P.J. Zeeb.
Derek Tomlinson (Geosyntec Consultants)
Session E2, May 24; 8:00-8:25AM, Renaissance Hotel, Catalina

Development and Testing of an Analytical Method for Real Time Measurement of Polyfluoroalkyl and Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS).
R.A. Deeb, A. Haghani, A. Eaton, and J. Chambon.
Rula Anselmo Deeb (Geosyntec Consultants)
Session F2, May 24; 8:25-8:50AM, Renaissance Hotel, Madera

3-D Printed Conceptual Site Models: The Final Step in Visualizing Your Site.
C.M. Ross, C.S. Martin, R. Siebenmann, and R.D. Walker.
Chapman Ross (Geosyntec Consultants)
Session H2, May 24; 9:15-9:40AM, Renaissance Hotel, Sierra/Ventura

A Culvert Runs through It: The Epicenter of an Evolving Conceptual Site Model.
H. Tahon, J. Culp, and D.W. Tomlinson.
Heather Tahon (Geosyntec Consultants)
Session E2, May 24; 9:40-10:05AM, Renaissance Hotel, Catalina

Comparison of Field Analytical Instruments for Vapor Intrusion Assessments.
C.N. Gale, T.A. McAlary, H. Groenevelt, L.V. Smith, and K. Henderson.
Christopher Gale (Geosyntec Consultants)
Session D3, May 24; 12:10-12:35 PM, Convention Center, Primrose D

Wednesday, May 25


Natural Source Zone Depletion (NSZD)
Chairs: Mark Lyverse (Chevron Corporation)
Gary Wealthall (Geosyntec Consultants)
Session E5; May 25
10:30 AM-12:35 PM, Renaissance Hotel, Catalina


How Far Apart are Stakeholders on Key Environmental Issues?
Moderators: Russell Sirabian (Battelle)
David Reynolds (Geosyntec Consultants)
12:10-1:50PM, May 25; Convention Center, Smoketree Rooms


Subsurface Characterization, Modeling, Monitoring, and Remediation of Fractured Rocks.
D.A. Reynolds.
David Reynolds (Geosyntec Consultants)
Session A4, May 25; 8:00-8:25AM, Convention Center, Primrose A

Relating Mass Flux Concepts to Attenuation Factors for Vapor Intrusion Assessment.
H. Dawson, T. McAlary, and W. Wertz.
Helen Dawson (Geosyntec Consultants)
Session D4. May 25; 8:50-9:15AM, Convention Center, Primrose D

A Rational Approach to the Definition and Evaluation of Preferential Pathways for Vapor Intrusion.
D. Folkes, T. McAlary, R. Ettinger, and H. Dawson.
David Folkes (Geosyntec Consultants)
Session D4. May 25; 9:15-9:40AM, Convention Center, Primrose D

An Integrated Approach to Vapor Intrusion Assessment at a Shallow Fractured Bedrock Site Adjacent to Residential Properties.
D.M. Bertrand, T.A. McAlary, N. Barros, D. Wanty, and M. Sylvester.
David Bertrand (Geosyntec Consultants)
Session A4, May 25; 9:40-10:05AM, Convention Center, Primrose A

Advancing the Understanding of 1,2,3-TCP Remediation in Groundwater via Biological Reduction.
M. Schmitt, E. Suchomel, S. Dworatzek, and J. Webb.
Melissa Schmitt (Geosyntec Consultants)
Session F4. May 25; 8:00-8:25AM, Renaissance Hotel, Madera

The Development of High-Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) Methods to Delineate DNAPL at the Groundwater Surface Water Interface in Shallow Sediments.
G. Wealthall, D. Thorson, and D. Tomlinson.
Gary Wealthall (Geosyntec Consultants)
Session H4. May 25; 8:00-8:25AM, Renaissance Hotel, Sierra/Ventura

New Combined High-Resolution Site Characterization Tool for Light and Dense Nonaqueous-Phase Liquid Distribution.
D.W. Tomlinson, G.P. Wealthall, D.M. Thorson, R. St. Germain, and S. Adamek.
Derek Tomlinson (Geosyntec Consultants)
Session H4. May 25; 10:05-10:30AM, Renaissance Hotel, Sierra/Ventura

The Value of an Iterative Approach to VI Evaluation and Mitigation: Lessons Learned at the CRREL Laboratory, Hanover, NH.
D. Folkes and D. Tripp.
David Folkes (Geosyntec Consultants)
Session D5. May 25; 1:25 -1:50PM, Convention Center, Primrose D

EISB Treatment of Chloroform in Fractured Bedrock via a Recirculation Pilot System.
L. MacKinnon, E. Cox, L. Zimmerman, B. Amos, T. Hagemeyer, S. Dworatzek, and D. Woodward.
Leah MacKinnon (Geosyntec Consultants)
Session A5. May 25; 3:05-3:30PM, Convention Center, Primrose A

New Methods for Design, Monitoring, and Optimization of Subslab Depressurization Systems for Radon and VOCs.
T. McAlary, P. Nicholson, W. Wertz, and D. Mali.
Todd McAlary (Geosyntec Consultants)
Session D6. May 25; 3:05-3:30PM, Convention Center, Primrose D


A6. Practical Challenges in Enhanced Bioremediation: Producing High-Quality Injection Water and Dealing with Low Groundwater pH.
S. Dworatzek, J. Roberts, P. Dennis and P. Dollar.
Sandra Dworatzek (SiREM/Canada)
May 25, 4:00-6:30PM, #7

D8. In Situ Treatment of Mobile Uranium Using Calcium Phosphate.
D. Adilman, J. deLemos, P. Zeeb, D. Larson, P. Schillig, L. Capaldi, L. Lammers, A. Quicksall, H. Hagar, B. Thompson, and J. Hunt.
David Adilman (Geosyntec Consultants)
May 25, 4:00-6:30PM, #96

E6. Phytoremediation Complements Enhanced In Situ Bioremediation for Optimized Groundwater Remediation.
D. Graves, D. Wanty, M. Miller, L. Leonard, T. McNabb, and J. Fears.
Duane Graves (Geosyntec Consultants)
May 25, 4:00-6:30PM, #133

E8. Biogeochemical Conversion of Calcium Sulfite into Gypsum in Flue-Gas Desulfurization Waste.
D. Graves, R. White, B. Wallace, L. Chen, and J. Smith.
Duane Graves (Geosyntec Consultants)
May 25, 4:00-6:30PM, #139

G7. Field-Scale Demonstration of EK-BIO as an Innovative Technology for Remediation of Low Permeability and Heterogeneous Materials.
J. Wang, E. Cox, D. Reynolds, D. Gent, M. Singletary, and A. Wilson.
James Wang (Geosyntec Consultants)
May 25, 4:00-6:30PM, #232

H4. Reducing Treatment Costs by Optimizing a Combined Remedy Using Traditional Techniques and High-Resolution Site Characterization.
S. Thompson, A. Montgomery, W. Law, R. Wymore, J. Jenkins, C. King, and G. Bennett.
Shanna Thompson (Geosyntec Consultants)
May 25, 4:00-6:30PM, #251

H4. Assessment of Dense Nonaqueous- Phase Liquid Mobility in the Subsurface at Manufactured Gas Plan Sites.
D.W. Tomlinson, J.A. Clock, D.V. Nakles, N.A. Azzolina, G.R. Brubaker, A.D. Fure, and G.P. Wealthall.
Derek W. Tomlinson (Geosyntec Consultants)
May 25, 4:00-6:30PM, #252

H6. Passive Sampling for Measuring the Availability of Hydrophobic Organic Chemicals: The End-User Perspective.
P. Dennis, J. Conder, M. Vanderkooy, J. Thompson, C. Thomas, and J. Roberts.
Phil Dennis (SiREM/Canada)
May 25, 4:00-6:30PM, #253

H7. Where Did That Salt and That Methane Come From? Fingerprinting Methods and Examples in Discriminating between Sources.
D. Reynolds and M. Vanderkooy.
David Reynolds (Geosyntec Consultants)
May 25, 4:00-6:30PM, #259

Thursday, May 26


Advances in Amendments and Delivery Methods
Chairs: Robert Elliott (Remediation Products, Inc.)
Bruce Marvin (Geosyntec Consultants)
Session G7 May 26
8:00-11:20 AM, Renaissance Hotel, Pasadena


Advances in Injectable Activated Carbon
Moderators: Bruce K. Marvin  and Claire F. Wildman (Geosyntec Consultants)
12:10-1:50PM, May 26; Convention Center, Smoketree Rooms


Successful EISB Treatment of Trichloroethene and Perchlorate in a Low-pH and Low-Permeability Environment.
L. MacKinnon, E. Cox, C. Repta, B. Amos, T. Hagemeyer, J. Roberts, and D. Woodward.
Ben Amos(Geosyntec Consultants)
Session A6, May 26; 10:05-10:30AM, Convention Center, Primrose A

Direct-Push, High-Pressure Jet Injection for Controlled Amendment Delivery in Low-Permeability Zones: Full-Scale Demonstration.
C.M. Ross, D. Chlebica, N. Durant, W.W. Slack, P. Johansen, T.H. Jørgensen, and E.B. Weeth.
Chapman Ross (Geosyntec Consultants)
Session G7, May 26; 10:30-10:55AM, Renaissance Hotel, Pasadena

Hydrogeology and Groundwater Quality Near a Fly-Ash Impoundment and Dam.
B.M. Sass, A.J. Kreinberg, M.R. Leedy, and J.T. Massey-Norton.
Bruce Sass (Geosyntec Consultants)
Session E8, May 26; 10:55-11:20AM, Renaissance Hotel, Catalina

Geochemical Controls on Gross Alpha and Ra-226/Ra-228 in Groundwater at a Coal-Fired Power Plant.
M. Gozdor, M. Lodato, and M. Wissler.
Matthew Gozdor (Geosyntec Consultants)
Session E8, May 26; 11:20-11:45 AM, Renaissance Hotel, Catalina

Brownfields Redevelopment: The Path to Regulatory Closure at a Complex Site.
J. Yeager, J. Connolly, and D.G. Larson.
Jessica Yeager (Geosyntec Consultants)
Session F8, May 26; 11:20-11:45 AM, Renaissance Hotel, Madera

Hexavalent Chromium Treatment Using an Aboveground, Two-Stage Bioreactor System at the Hinkley Site.
M. Davidson, B. Marvin, C. Wildman, G. Uminskiy, I. Baker, B. Brunswick, and B. Costello.
Mark Davidson (Geosyntec Consultants)
Session D9, May 26; 12:35-1:00 PM, Convention Center, Primrose D

Design Considerations for Geosynthetics in Cover Systems over Mine-Waste Rock and Tailings.
G. Corcoran, C. Athanassopolous, and R. Oliver.
Greg Corcoran (Geosyntec Consultants)
Session E9, May 26; 1:00-1:25 PM, Renaissance Hotel, Catalina

Full-Scale In Situ Gaseous Reduction of Hexavalent Chromium in Vadose Zone Soils with H2S Gas.
B.R. Hitchens, A.C. Bird, and K. Craig.
Brian Hitchens (Geosyntec Consultants)
Session D9, May 26; 1:25-1:50 PM, Convention Center, Primrose D