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September 28, 2015

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October Conference & Event Roundup

See which conferences, symposia, and other events our practitioners will attend next month. Click the name of the conference to visit that event's website. For questions or edits regarding the Event Roundup or if you want your participation in an event included, contact us.

In October, we have 42 practitioners from the Geosyntec Family of Companies giving 36 presentations and chairing or moderating 4 sessions at 15 events in 3 countries.

Environmental Remediation and Risk Management Conference Series

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

October 1, 7, and 14, 2015

Novi, Traverse City, and Grand Rapids, MI

· Thursday, October 1: Engineer Allison Valerio (Ann Arbor) is co-presenting a presentation titled "Unisys, GSI and Sewers a collaborative effort to address an on-going discharge."

· Wednesday, October 7: Principal Chriso Petropoulou (Chicago) is co-presenting a presentation titled "Abex - NWL Aerospace."

· Wednesday, October 14: Project Engineer Wayne Amber (Ann Arbor) is co-presenting a presentation titled "Hughart Yard."

· Wednesday, October 7: Sr. Engineer Paul Nicholson (Guelph) is co-presenting a presentation titled "Streamlining Vapor Intrusion Assessments with High Volume Sampling (HVS) at Large Industrial Facilities."

· Wednesday, October 14: Principal Chriso Petropoulou (Chicago) is co-presenting a presentation titled "Abex - NWL Aerospace."

APA California 2015 Oakland

American Planning Association – California Chapter

October 3 – 6, 2015

Oakland, CA

· Sunday, October 4: Principal Mark Hanna (Los Angeles) is co-presenting a session titled "The Los Angeles River: Recalibrating the Role of Water, Infrastructure and Place."

Florida's 18th Annual Statewide Brownfields Conference

Florida Brownfield Association

October 4 – 7, 2015

Tampa, FL

· Monday, October 5: Scientist John Spencer (Tampa) is co-moderating a session titled "Using Innovative and Alternative Assessment Techniques."

· Tuesday, October 6: Sr. Geologist David Latham (Boca Raton), Sr. Geologist Andrew Brey (Tampa), and Project Engineer Rachel Klinger (Jacksonville) are co-moderating a session titled "Tampa Former Manufactured Gas Plant: New Light for the 21st Century."

· Tuesday, October 6: Principal Keith Tolson (Tampa) is co-moderating a session titled "Rulemaking and Guidance Update."

30th Biennial Groundwater Conference & 24th Groundwater Resources Association Annual Meeting

Groundwater Resources Association of California

October 6 – 7, 2015

Sacramento, CA

Engineer Lisa O'Boyle (Oakland) is the Chair of the Planning Committee.

Engineer Julie Chambon (Oakland) is a member of the Planning Committee.

· Tuesday, October 6: Engineer Julie Chambon (Oakland) is moderating Concurrent Session 1A: Inorganic and Organic Contaminants – New Trends, Methods and Regulations.

· Tuesday, October 6: Principal Rula Deeb (Oakland) is giving a presentation titled "State-of-the-Practice for Addressing Polyfluoroalkyl and Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Impacts."

· Tuesday, October 6: Engineer Lisa O'Boyle (Oakland) is announcing the 2016 David Keith Todd Distinguished Northern and Southern California Lecturers.

· Wednesday, October 7: Sr. Engineer Mark O'Neill (Oakland) is giving a presentation titled "Combining In Situ Chemical and Biological Oxidation for Groundwater Treatment Under a Performance Based Project Delivery Program."

Maryland GeoInstitute Dinner Meeting

October 7, 2015

Baltimore, MD

· Wednesday, October 7: Associate Lucas de Melo (Columbia, MD) will be giving a presentation titled "Foundation Improvement of Soft Soils Using an Innovative Design Approach."

21st Annual Florida Remediation Conference

October 8 – 9, 2015

Orlando, FL

· Friday, October 9: Project Engineer Rachel Klinger (Jacksonville) is giving a presentation titled "NAPL Source Area to Chic Mixed Use High Rise: Remediation for Redevelopment in Downtown Tampa."

· Friday October 9: Principal Keith Tolson (Tampa) is participating in a regulatory panel discussion.

9th European Wastewater Management Conference & Exhibition

October 12 – 13, 2015

Manchester, UK

· Monday, October 12: Staff Engineer Pearce Duffy (York) is presenting a paper titled "Risk based analysis of wastewater treatment process."

· Tuesday October 13: Project Engineer Andrew Grand (Bristol) is presenting a paper titled "Using the modelling toolkit to better understand FST behavior – storm events."

40th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations

Deep Foundations Institute

October 12 – 14, 2015

Oakland, CA

· Wednesday, October 14: Associate Jamey Rosen (Guelph) is giving a presentation titled "Collaborative Data Sharing During Seepage Barrier Wall Construction at Bolivar Dam – Perspectives from Owner, Contractor and Sub-Contractor."

· Wednesday, October 14: Associate Terence Holman (Oak Brook) is giving a presentation titled "High Capacity Micropiles in Weak Dolomitic Limestone for Crane Foundation Support – A Case History in Temporary Foundations."

· Thursday, October 15: Principal Chris Hunt (Oakland) is co-chairing a session titled "Sustainability Practices in Deep Foundation Systems - Lean/Optimal Foundation Design, Value Engineering, Recycled Materials and Foundation Reuse."

Montclair State University Seminar Series

PhD Program in Environmental Management

October 13, 2015

Montclair, NJ

· Tuesday, October 13: Sr. Consultant Dan Elliot (Princeton) is giving a seminar titled "Reflections of an Environmental Manager – the Evolving Role of the Environmental Professional Since the 1980s."

2015 EHS Management Forum


October 14 – 16, 2015

Charlotte, NC

· Wednesday, October 14: Sr. Engineer Jenna Newcombe (Acton) is moderating a session titled "Engaging and Managing a Multigenerational Workforce."

VUSP PA Stormwater Symposium – 2015

Villanova University College of Engineering

October 13 – 15, 2015

Villanova, PA

· Wednesday, October 14: Sr. Engineer Andrea Braga (Brookline) is giving a presentation titled "Tools for Climate Change Adaptation: Intelligent Control of Green Infrastructure."

Brownfield Remediation 2015

Brownfield Briefing

October 15

Grange Tower Bridge, London, UK

· Thursday, October 15: Project Engineer Andrew Morgan (Bristol) is giving a presentation titled "Electrokinetic Enhanced Remediation – UK & European Case Studies."

2015 CASQA Annual Conference

California Stormwater Quality Association

October 19 – 21, 2015

Monterey, CA

· Monday, October 19: Sr. Engineer Adrienne Miller (Oakland) is presenting a section titled "Regulatory Overview" as part of the " Keeping Your Operations in Compliance " workshop.

· Tuesday, October 20: Principal Eric Strecker (Portland) is giving a presentation titled " Making the Most of BMP Performance and National Stormwater Quality Databases as Tools to Address Stormwater Challenges ."

· Tuesday, October 20: Principal Brandon Steets (Santa Barbara) and Associate Kathleen Harrison (San Diego Old Town) are giving a presentation titled " Navigating the Background Off-Ramp on the Industrial General Permit Highway ."

· Tuesday, October 20: Principal Ken Susilo (Los Angeles) and Principal Brandon Steets (Santa Barbara) are giving a presentation titled " Feeling Reasonably Assured? Potentially Spending of Billions Based on Models ."

· Tuesday, October 20: Sr. Staff Engineer Jared Ervin (Santa Barbara) is giving a presentation titled " Microbial Source Tracking in CA Watersheds: The CA Source ID Manual, a Case Study in Santa Barbara, and Current Research ."

· Wednesday, October 21: Associate Lisa Austin (Oakland) is the primary speaker for a presentation titled " Stormwater Control Programs to Address PCBs and Mercury ."

· Wednesday, October 21: Sr. Engineer Judd Goodman (Oakland) is giving a presentation titled " Active Hydromodification Control ."

17th Railroad Environmental Conference


October 27 – 28, 2015

Champaign, IL

Principal Greg Menniti is a member of the planning committee.

· Tuesday, October 27: Sr. Engineer Victoria Cheplak (Kennesaw) is co-presenting a presentation titled "Stormwater Utility Fee Credit Application Success for the NS Whitaker Intermodal Facility."

· Wednesday, October 28: Sr. Geologist Michael Lambert (Philadelphia) is co-presenting a presentation titled "Environmental Remediation In a Fish Bowl: Conducting a Remediation in the Midst of a Complex Transaction."

· Wednesday, October 28: Project Engineer Wayne Amber and Sr. Staff Engineer Bryan VanDuinen (Ann Arbor) are co-presenting a presentation titled "An Interactive Tool for Visualizing High Resolution LNAPL Characterization Results."

IAN-CNC 2015

The Canadian National Chapter of the International Association of Hydrogeologists

October 27-30

Waterloo, Ontario

· Principal Evan Cox (Waterloo) is giving a presentation titled "Electrokinetically-Enhanced Remediation: An Innovative Solution to Vexing Challenges for Source Area Remediation."

· Sr. Scientist Phil Dennis (Guelph) is giving a presentation titled "Microbial Community Characterization at Bioremediation Sites Using Next Generation Sequencing."

· Principal Michaye McMaster (Guelph) is giving a presentation titled "Full Scale Application of In Situ STAR to Treat Residual Coal Ta."

· Sr. Staff Scientist Cody Murray (Guelph) is giving a presentation titled "STAR - Vapor Emissions Characterization and Mitigation."

· Sr. Scientist Jeff Roberts (Guelph) is giving a presentation titled "Enhanced in situ Bioremediation of Chlorinated Solvents in Canada."

Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center International Symposium

October 27 – 29, 2015

College Station, TX

· Engineer Tony Liu presenting a poster titled "Methanol Storage Tank Internal Pool Fire Modeling Using CFD."

American Bar Association’s 23rd Fall Conference for the Section of Environment, Energy & Resources (SEER)

October 28 – 31, 2015

Chicago, IL

The conference will be attended by Associate Russell Abell (Portsmouth, NH), Principal Mike Berman (Washington, DC), Principal Paul Brookner (Minneapolis), Principal Nandra Weeks (Jacksonville), Principal Susan Hill (Oak Brook), and Engineer Amanda Hughes, Principal Chriso Petropoulou, Principal John Seymour (Chicago).

· Friday, October 30: Principal John Seymour (Chicago) will host a technical roundtable titled “Preparation for and Response to the New CCR Rule”.