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October 22, 2015

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Mark Hanna and Ken Susilo Speaking at the Southern California Water Dialogue Wednesday, October 28

Principals Mark Hanna, Ph.D., P.E., LEED, and Ken Susilo, P.E., D.WRE, (Los Angeles) will be speaking at the October meeting of the Southern California Water Dialogue. The title of their presentation is "Stormwater Capture: Are We Ready if the Rains Come?"

Mark and Ken, along with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, will discuss the prospects for capturing additional stormwater once the Enhanced Water Management Plans (EWMPs), now being completed, are implemented. This topic is especially timely for Southern California due to the expectation that El Nino will bring desperately needed rain to drought stricken California.

The Water Dialogue will explore the multi-year process that has led to the development of the EWMPs, the timeline for completion of EWMPs, and key projects slated for the County of Los Angeles. EWMPs are meant to assist in more effective water supply collection on the local level in order to benefit water supply and quality. The Southern California Water Dialogue was established in 1998. The Water Dialogue explores the common interests among Southern California water agencies, environmental organizations, and public interest organizations.

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Through significant stormwater capture programs, Southern California counties and municipalities are striving to meet stringent non-point discharge water quality requirements set by Regional Water Quality Control Boards under the Clean Water Act. More specifically, the City and County of Los Angeles have recently completed their Enhanced Watershed Management Plan (EWMP) processes while also investigating the substantial added value stormwater capture can bring in helping meet future water demands through local water supply development. LA County Flood Control District, in partnership with the United States Bureau of Reclamation, is in the final preparations of the Basin Study where future water supply scenarios are being “tested” under multiple climate change scenarios. And the City of Los Angeles through the Department of Water and Power just completed the Stormwater Capture Master Plan looking at ways of increasing the City’s local water supply through increased stormwater capture. An overview of current and future stormwater conditions will be shared by Ken Susilo and Mark Hanna from both the water quality and water supply perspective, setting the stage for a discussion on how these two water resource drivers can be more closely coupled to increase the success of LA’s growing stormwater program.