December 27, 2015

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Geosyntec Last Chance Grade Monitoring System Featured In Caltrans Video

A new Caltrans video shows some highlights of a Geosyntec geotechnical instrumentation system project. Our consultants supported the design, installation and project management for the work.

Watch the video on YouTube:

The project involves a section of Highway 101 in California, known as the "Last Chance Grade," that crosses through a large landslide complex. At the project location, five GPS units will monitor lateral movement of the roadway, an 80 foot long Measurand ShapeAccelArray was installed horizontally within the roadway where it crosses the landslide to detect vertical offset in the pavement. A rain gauge and piezometer were also installed to measure the rainfall and groundwater levels which may trigger landslides. The instruments are tied into a central monitoring system that will record movements and send alerts to Caltrans engineers and maintenance crews when significant movement of the landslide is detected. Caltrans is using the monitoring system to keep the public safe while an alternative highway alignment can be built around Last Chance Grade.

Key participants in the project for Geosyntec include Chris Hunt (Oakland), Ming Zhu (Atlanta), Ali Ebrahimi (Houston) and Jay Merani (Oakland).

For more information on the project, contact Chris Hunt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.