August 5, 2014

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Philip Reidy to Present on Distributed Stormwater Control Technologies in Malaysia

Philip Reidy, P.E., a senior water resources engineer and principal consultant for Geosyntec in Malaysia will be among the speakers at the 13th International Conference on Urban Drainage (ICUD2014), set for September 7-12, 2014, in East Malaysia (Borneo).

Mr. Reidy will present "Innovation in Combined Sewer Overflows and Flood Mitigation: Implementing Intelligent Distributed Infrastructure" on September 11, 2014. The event will be held at the Borneo Convention Centre in Kuching, Sarawak.

The theme for ICUD2014 is "Urban Drainage in the Context of Integrated Urban Water Management: A Bridge between Developed and Developing Countries." Conference attendees will examine the most recent ideas, technologies, behaviors, economics, and policies related to centralized and decentralized systems for managing urban drainage as part of an integrated approach to the water cycle.

The conference comes at a critical moment for area water resource managers. Due to weather patterns that generate in excess of 150-300 mm (6-12 inches) of rain per month, and growing populations with corresponding accelerating development, the region is prone to flash floods affecting populations in both large urban and rural areas throughout Southeast Asia. Several countries in the region, including Malaysia, are contemplating or have put in place funding for the implementation of additional flood mitigation projects. As a result, environmental practitioners throughout the region are now taking a close look at how to maximize the effectiveness of the nation's technology and infrastructure that can control stormwater and mitigate flooding.

According to Mr. Reidy, "Southeast Asia faces some unique challenges in water resource management. With an abundance of rain and a rapidly expanding population, urban drainage is emerging as a critical component of development. At the same time, water supply infrastructure is under stress or remains in development in many parts of the region, resulting in water shortages and lack of fresh water supplies despite robust precipitation patterns. Leveraging new approaches and technologies are seen as a key component to addressing these challenges."

Mr. Reidy has more than 25 years of geotechnical and stormwater management experience. His practice focus at Geosyntec is the design, construction, and technology development of innovative rainwater harvesting and stormwater management systems.

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