October 16, 2014

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Event Roundup: 30th Annual International Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water, and Energy

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30th Annual International Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water, and Energy

Association for Envrionmental Health and Sciences Foundation (AEHS)
October 20-23, 2014
Amherst, Massachusetts

The Annual Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water and Energy, at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst has become the preeminent national conference in this important environmental area. The conference attracts 600-800 attendees annually which includes a wide variety of representation from state and federal agencies; military; a number of industries including railroad, petroleum, transportation, utilities; the environmental engineering and consulting community; and academia.

Geosyntec Participants:

    David Adilman, P.G., is an Associate Hydrogeologist with Geosyntec Consultants in Acton, Massachusetts. He focuses on characterization and remediation of contaminants in soil and groundwater utilizing extraction/injection-based groundwater remedial systems, including in-situ bioremediation of chlorinated solvents in both unconsolidated and bedrock. He has expertise in the field assessment of hydrogeologic systems, applied groundwater modeling, the fate and transport of contaminants in groundwater, data acquisition and natural attenuation processes. Mr. Adilman has a B.S. in Geology from Miami (Ohio) University, and a M.A. in Energy and Mineral Resources from the University of Texas- Austin.

    Bob Glazier is an Associate with the Geosyntec Consultants office in Columbia, Maryland. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from the University of Maryland, a Master’s of Science in Geochemistry and Mineralogy from The Pennsylvania State University, and is a Professional Geologist in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. His 30 years of professional experience have largely focused upon environmental remediation, solid waste management, and litigation support. Mr. Glazier’s most recent interests include potential soil and water impacts from coal ash management facilities and natural attenuation of metals. Mr. Glazier’s remediation experience includes a wide range of project drivers including CERCLA, RCRA, solid waste, and state brownfields/voluntary action regulations. He has particular expertise in remediation of CERCLA landfills as well as the mobility and fate of anthropogenic organic compounds and metals in soil and groundwater. Many of the remediation technologies he has used are based upon manipulation of redox conditions to either limit constituent mobility, or to promote biodegradation of organics. He has used environmental forensics methods including stable isotope analysis throughout his career.

    Joe Jeray is a Geoenvironmental Engineer and Project Manager in Geosyntec’s Acton, Massachusetts office. He has 5 years of experience in environmental consulting and has worked on a wide range of project types, including site investigation, soil and groundwater remediation, and vapor intrusion mitigation. He has managed projects involving air sparging, in-situ chemical oxidation, and soil vapor extraction systems for treatment of chlorinated solvents and other volatile organic compounds.

    Chris Martin is a graduate student in the Environmental and Water Resources Engineering program at Tufts University. Previously, he earned his B.E. in environmental engineering from Dartmouth College. He has 3 years of experience in environmental consulting with Geosyntec Consultants in Acton, MA, where he provided support for varied projects with a particular focus on environmental site investigation, vapor intrusion investigation, and the design, implementation, and optimization of in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) remedies.

    Kathy Phillips completed her Doctorate in Chemical Engineering at the University of Delaware in 2010. Since that time, she has worked for Geosyntec Consultants, developing experience in a wide range of remedial projects focused on groundwater and soil. Dr. Phillips’ consulting experience includes investigation; passive risk mitigation; active remedy implementation; remedy operation and monitoring; development of conceptual site models; water, soil, soil gas, and air data analysis; risk assessment; reporting; and remediation site closure. She has worked on both federal and multiple state-regulated sites impacted by chlorinated solvents and other volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds, petroleum hydrocarbons (including non-aqueous phase liquids), metals, polychlorinated biphenyls, and radionuclides. She has also provided extensive support for litigation projects, including reviewing site information gathered over several decades, evaluating environmental liability, and assisting in the preparation of expert witness reports. When not working as a consultant, Dr. Phillips is often found traveling the world. Since moving to the U.S., she has visited most of the country’s national parks and is looking forward to exploring the others.

    Ilisa Tawney has a B.S.E. degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Maryland Baltimore County and an M.S. in Biological Resources Engineering from University of Maryland College Park and is a registered Professional Engineer in Maryland. During the nearly 10 years with Geosyntec Consultants, Ms. Tawney has worked on numerous impacted sites to conduct site investigations, evaluate remedial alternatives and design and implement remedial technologies including biological enhanced reductive dechlorination (ERD), in-situ chemical oxidation, co-solvent soil flushing, and Monitored Natural Attenuation including sites within State or Federal RCRA or CERCLA programs as well as international sites.

    Derek W. Tomlinson, MASc, PE, Peng, has over 18 years of experience specializing in development of strategies for managing sites with non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPLs, both light - LNAPL and dense - DNAPL). He is an environmental engineer with graduate training at the University of Waterloo in contaminant hydrogeology including the characterization and remediation of sites contaminated with NAPLs (chlorinated solvents) and use of high-resolution characterization techniques for understanding multi-phase fluid transport within the subsurface. His technical expertise includes development of innovative site characterization methods for creation of robust conceptual site models which he has used for proper design, implementation, and operation of a range of in situ remediation technologies within both porous media and fractured bedrock geologic settings. He has worked at refineries, waste sites, and other industrial facilities under USEPA CERCLA and RCRA programs, nationally in several state and regional led and voluntary programs, and internationally in Australia, Brazil, Canada, and United Kingdom. Derek leads or is actively involved in development of various standards, guidance documents and providing of training with respect to NAPLs. He was contributing author of the ITRC LNAPL technical guidance and continues as an internet-based and classroom workshop trainer on LNAPL characterization and remediation. He is actively involved in development of ASTM standard guides for LNAPL conceptual site models and evaluating LNAPL transmissivity. He is also one of the principal authors of the UK-based CL:AIRE an illustrated handbook of LNAPL transport and fate in the subsurface. Derek is leading a chapter for development of the high-resolution site characterization tools and techniques for the ITRC DNAPL site characterization guidance document, for which he was awarded the ITRC Industry Recognition Award in 2012. He is one of the principal investigators for the EPRI sponsored development of methods for assessing manufactured gas plant (MGP) DNAPL mobility. Derek works for Geosyntec Consultants in their Blue Bell (Philadelphia), Pennsylvania office.

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