December 11, 2014

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OptiRTC, Inc. Formed to Scale Intelligent Water Infrastructure

Boston, MA, Boca Raton, FL, and Norwalk, CT (December 12, 2014) - OptiRTC Inc. (Opti) announced its formation today as an independent company from parent company Geosyntec Consultants (Geosyntec). Opti's mission is to protect clean water by actively managing stormwater infrastructure. 

Opti, headquartered in Boston, MA, delivers intelligent control and decision support solutions through its cloud-based platform to U.S. municipalities and Fortune 500 companies. For these infrastructure owners, Opti reduces operating and capital costs, enables environmental compliance, and reduces risk from volatile environmental conditions.  

"The development of Opti represents the innovation and entrepreneurialism of our consultancy at its best," said Peter Zeeb, Geosyntec Senior Vice President.  "We believe that Opti provides the best solution for solving stormwater infrastructure problems for our municipal and private clients, such as combined-sewer overflow discharge, water quality maintenance, and advanced rainwater harvesting.According to the EPA, over 850 billion gallons of untreated sewage are discharged during combined-sewer overflows each year in the U.S. Opti provides a robust cost-effective solution to this environmental problem.

"Opti represents a revolutionary technology for managing our most challenging urban water management problems," said Marcus Quigley, Founder and CEO of OptiRTC, Inc. "Opti is transforming the way we collect and integrate environmental data to support real-time control of civil and environmental infrastructure. We are proud to have the backing of MissionPoint Partners (MissionPoint) and Geosyntec as we continue to accelerate our business."

Jesse Fink, Co-Founder and Chairman of MissionPoint, notes that "Managing stormwater is a significant environmental challenge and a large commercial opportunity representing a $60 billion problem in the U.S. Opti harnesses the power of environmental big data to optimize system-wide infrastructure performance and to facilitate the adoption of new cost-effective green infrastructure solutions.  MissionPoint is extremely excited to be partnering with the Opti team to further the development of the Company and its innovative solutions." 

For more information, contact Opti at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at

About OptiRTC Inc
Opti is a technology company that delivers Software-as-a-Service solutions to optimize the function of civil and environmental infrastructure. Opti's primary focus is the intelligent control of stormwater in urban environments.
About MissionPoint Partners LLC
MissionPoint Partners is a private impact investment firm driving solutions to large-scale environmental and sustainability challenges faced by the world economy.