April 29, 2015

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Geosyntec Project Wins Two Awards

Geosyntec's environmental and remediation services for the Mahogany Mill Historic Park and Boat Ramp in Pensacola, Florida resulted in the project being awarded the 2014 Environmental Project of the Year Award by the Northwest Florida Association of Environmental Professionals and the 2015 Member Award for Environmental Stewardship by the Partners for Environmental Progress.

The project redeveloped a three-acre brownfield site into a historic park and boat ramp, which was the location of the former Mahogany Mill sawmill and wood storage facility, which reportedly operated from 1921 to 1974, adjacent to Bayou Chico. After years of abandonment, the Site had been contaminated with pentachlorophenate (wood treating compound) and fungicides, as well as years of overgrowth and shoreline degradation. The shoreline was invaded with exotic phragmites and immediately offshore was a sunken vessel and debris.

The project was managed from our Pensacola office and supported with practitioners from the Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, and Boca Raton offices. Geosyntec practitioners collaborated to conduct a soil investigation, prepare a site assessment report and a remedial action plan, design a subsurface geomembrane cap, provide construction oversight and quality assurance, and prepare the deed restriction package. When contamination was discovered and construction was forced to halt, Geosyntec's ability to manage multiple entities and to meet its tight timeframe had wide-reaching implications for the overall project schedule and costs that allowed the project to completed on schedule.

The contaminated soil was remediated through onsite encapsulation, which diverted approximately 35,000 cubic feet of soil from landfill disposal and significantly decreased CO2 emissions and saved over $500,000 compared to traditional remediation techniques, such as excavation.

The project was successfully completed on a fast-track schedule of less than nine months due to an effective project approach based on our understanding of applicable regulations, our strong relationship with local regulatory contacts, and by coordinating the integration of County, FDEP, site contractor and engineering personnel at every step. The geomembrane cap was successfully installed within ten days with no safety incidents and Geosyntec provided support in filing the Brownfields Site Rehabilitation Agreement and meeting the requirements of the EPA Brownfields grant. Geosyntec's approach resulted in the County receiving tax credits for almost 50% of the cost of the assessment and remediation project, which was in excess of $100,000.