July 14, 2015

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Article Co-Authored by Duane Graves Published in Biodegradation

An article co-authored by Principal Duane Graves, Ph.D., (Knoxville), titled “Performance of an anaerobic, static bed, fixed film bioreactor for chlorinated solvent treatment,” was recently published in Biodegradation, a Springer publication. Duane was a co-author along with Michelle M. Lorah, Ph.D., and Charles Walker, Ph.D., of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

The article provides a detailed evaluation of anaerobic, fixed film, bioreactors bioaugmented with a dechlorinating microbial consortium as a potential technology for cost effective, sustainable, and reliable treatment of mixed chlorinated ethanes and ethenes in groundwater from a large groundwater recovery system.

The abstract and article are available online. Access the article here >>