October 11, 2013

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Bence Close to Present on Stormwater Issues Impacting Mining Industry

Bence Close, P.E., a senior geohydrologist and civil engineer for Geosyntec based in Colorado, will present an overview of stormwater issues that impact the mining and mineral processing industry this week in Stevenson, Washington.

Mr. Close, an Associate of the firm, will address members of the Industrial Minerals Association - North America (IMA-NA) at their annual meeting September 9-12, 2013, at Skamania Lodge, 1131 SW Skamania Lodge Way. Pre-registration for the event is required.

Mr. Close has more than 28 years of experience in planning, permitting, remediation, and litigation support, primarily for the oil, gas, and mining industries. He specializes in due diligence and project planning and permitting of various resource extraction and energy development projects, including base and precious metal mines, industrial mineral mines, coal mines, in situ uranium mines, sand and gravel mines, rock quarries, shale oil/natural gas, and conventional oil and gas projects.

The IMA-NA is a trade association created to advance the interests of North American companies that mine or process minerals used throughout the manufacturing and agricultural industries. Examples of minerals represented by the IMA-NA include ball clay, bentonite, borates, calcium carbonate, feldspar, industrial sand, mica, soda ash, talc and wollastonite.