October 11, 2013

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Ranjiv Gupta, Jeremy Morris Pen Review of Renewable Energy Technologies for Solid Waste Facilities

Two practitioners for Geosyntec Consultants are the co-authors of a feature in the June 2013 issue of Civil Engineering that reviews the use of renewable energy technologies (RETs) at solid waste storage facilities.

In their feature, Ranjiv Gupta, Ph.D., a geotechnical engineer based in Texas, and Jeremy Morris, Ph.D., P.E., a senior environmental engineer based in Maryland, discuss the use of RETs such as wind turbines, solar photovoltaic arrays, geothermal heat transfer systems, and methane utilization systems at solid waste storage facilities during their operational and post-closure cycles.

Drs. Gupta and Morris explain how the use of RETs can help operators maximize the profitable operation of their storage facilities. Their article highlights how opportunities for sequentially installing RETs can be optimized such that beneficial reuse of the site is maximized starting well before site closure, and especially where waste disposal volume can be increased by vertical expansion using mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) berms. Ideally, it should be possible for a site to shift from serving as a waste disposal facility to a renewable energy park over its lifetime, and even be self-funding during its post-closure cycle.

The feature, "Expanding the Options," is available for download as a PDF, courtesy of the American Society of Civil Engineers.