September 30, 2013

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DeKalb County Environmental Monitoring and Gas Control System Operation and Maintenance

ATLANTA, Ga. — DeKalb County, Ga., selected Geosyntec Consultants for a three-year contract to support the County in meeting its compliance objectives for the Seminole Road Landfill. Specific tasks include conducting: environmental monitoring at the landfill, gas collection and control system (GCCS) expansion design, NPDES inspections and reporting, wetland mitigation area inspections and monitoring, Title V air emissions permit reporting, construction management, as well as specialized environmental system operation and maintenance functions.

Previously, the County selected the Geosyntec team to perform environmental monitoring and GCCS operation and maintenance services for the Seminole Road Landfill. With this past contract, the Geosyntec team designed and constructed upgrades to the gas collection and control system and improved its operations, which resulted in achieving landfill gas management compliance on a continuous basis. "As a major part of our last project with DeKalb County, we worked with them and the local power company to make a landfill gas-to-electricity facility a reality," said Majdi Othman, Geosyntec principal and project manager for the DeKalb County project. "We see the County selecting us through a competitive bid to serve them for the following three years as a vote of confidence."

"With this new three-year contract, we will be able to offer DeKalb County an expanded range of services and demonstrate that Geosyntec's technical resources are aligned with the changing environmental management needs of Georgia's counties and municipalities," said Othman.