October 11, 2013

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Geosyntec to Demonstrate OptiRTC at Pittsburgh's Wireless Waterways Event

Engineers and scientists from Geosyntec Consultants have been invited to participate in a demonstration of several new technological advances for the Port of Pittsburgh on Friday, June 7.

Organized by the Carnegie Science Center, the goal of the Wireless Waterways demonstration is to showcase several powerful new wireless internet access tools aimed at improving waterfront commerce along the Port of Pittsburgh river system.

Heather Tahon and Jim Culp with Geosyntec's Pittsburgh office and Chapman Ross with the firm's Boston office will use OptiRTC to showcase Geosyntec's real-time water quality monitoring capabilities. With Geosyntec's expertise in surface and ground water quality, structural health monitoring, green infrastructure, and watershed modeling, OptiRTC is an excellent tool for a broad range of projects under the umbrella of river information systems.

OptiRTC applications feature a suite of Geosyntec-developed computing services for monitoring and control of water resources systems and other advanced green infrastructure facilities. Currently deployed at a number of project sites throughout the United States, OptiRTC enables distributed monitoring and control of a variety of engineered systems, bringing real-time, IP-based, low-cost, flexible computing to the water resources engineering sector.