October 10, 2013

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Geosyntec Expands Service Offerings at Technology Evaluation Laboratory in Knoxville

Geosyntec Consultants announced today it has expanded the range of services offered by the firm's Technology Evaluation Laboratory, based in Knoxville.

The lab, established in 2010, recently relocated to new facilities at 2240 Sutherland Avenue, Suite 7. This practice-based lab allows Geosyntec scientists and engineers to efficiently analyze, test, and monitor the performance of innovative solutions to some of the world's most difficult environmental challenges.

Support provided by Geosyntec's Knoxville team regularly aids engineers and scientists as they design advanced geotechnical infrastructure, enhance wastewater treatment processes, and adapt remediation technologies to treat air, soil, sediment, groundwater, and wastewater impacted by a wide range of contaminants.

"Geosyntec's Knoxville lab excels at solving problems in ways that make projects successful because our staff has cradle-to-grave project experience," said Duane Graves, Ph.D., a principal scientist for Geosyntec based in Tennessee. "We fully understand the value to our clients of finding cost- and performance-optimized solutions that work under real-world conditions."

Initially developed as an internal resource for Geosyntec practitioners, the lab today provides third-party validation and independent process testing to environmental construction firms.

The professional investigators and research staff of Geosyntec's Technology Evaluation Laboratory are equipped to provide:

Product Performance Analyses Our testing services can examine a wide range of samples to determine how well remediation products work in the field

Prototyping Services By examining the site-specific effectiveness of a given remediation technology, we can simulate the performance of conceptual designs

Process Evaluation Our personnel regularly analyze and document the likely behavior and end point of processes used to treat contaminated media

Review and Support for Engineering Designs — Using technology life cycle assessments, lab results regularly aid engineers as they design new technology applications and optimize existing processes

Technology Compatibility Tests Our data help engineers and scientists address the technical challenges of combining technologies used for site remediation and wastewater treatment

Clients frequently turn to Geosyntec for customized services that assess their unique project parameters and specifications. These services can include bioreactor performance evaluations; wastewater treatment process testing; soil stabilization and fixation studies; chemical oxidation and reduction testing; metal and inorganic biotransformations; and many other services that address critical project needs.