October 9, 2013

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Geosyntec Practitioners to Present, Lead Workshops at Erosion Control Conference

Three senior practitioners from Geosyntec's San Diego Old Town office are among the presenters at the International Erosion Control Association Annual Conference, now under way through February 13 in San Diego.

Principal Geotechnical Engineer Ron Johnson, P.E., along with Associate Engineer Kathleen Harrison, P.G., and Senior Consultant Mike Harding, CPESC, this year presented the all-day course "Fire & Rain: Rapid Assessment and Emergency Mitigation Measures Following Wildfires" on February 10. Their co-presenters for the day included T. Andrew Earles of Wright Water Engineers; Julie Etra of Western Botanical; and Chuck Austin of Great Circle International.

Mr. Harding also is set to conduct additional classroom and field training on erosion and sediment control during the conference. On Tuesday, February 12, he will be a co-presenter for a half-day workshop, "Chuck & Mike's Excellent Adventure: So You Want to be Certified?" Finally, as chief operating officer of the International Regional Council of the IECA, Mr. Harding will conduct a number of committee meetings and participate in discussions on the future of the association.

In "Fire and Rain," instructors provide an overview of post-fire assessments, planning, and mitigation processes with site-specific examples of the tools and techniques applied following a fire event. They also present a summary of the results of remediation efforts, lessons learned, and a discussion of the appropriateness of remediation technologies.

The process of rapid assessment of post-fire hazards and the emergency mitigation of primary and secondary impacts requires efficient collection, processing, and analysis of field data and conditions. Geosyntec Consultants has used a number of innovative and recently developed tools and techniques during the hazard assessment, mitigation, and implementation process that improve data collection in the field, allowing engineers to make time-critical decisions.