October 9, 2013

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David Reynolds Selected for NRC Committee Examining Subsurface Characterization, Modeling, Monitoring, and Remediation of Fractured Rocks

David Reynolds, Ph.D., P.Eng., a senior environmental engineer at Geosyntec and an Associate of the firm based in Toronto, has been appointed to a National Research Council (NRC) committee examining the subsurface characterization, modeling, monitoring, and remediation (SCMMR) of fractured rocks.

Members of the ad hoc committee, sponsored by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the U.S. Department of Energy, and NASA, have been asked to assess the state of the practice for SCMMR and issue a report advising the NRC how:

  • Future research and development could improve SCMMR;
  • The incorporation of scientific and technical advances could enhance the state of the practice for SCMMR;
  • Enhanced, science-based understanding could inform federal regulations, policies, and remediation guidance.

Understanding the geological mechanisms of the subsurface environment is integral to safe, economical, and responsible development, maintenance, operation, remediation, and decommissioning of infrastructure related to energy, water, waste, and transportation. Modeling and monitoring fluid travel paths and velocities of contaminants through subsurface rock ranks among the most significant engineering challenges associated with these tasks.

At Geosyntec, Dr. Reynolds' practice focuses on the development and implementation of effective remediation and management strategies for complex and challenging contaminated sites. He specializes in fundamental conceptual model development through novel, critical, and effective field investigation, which leads to cost-effective and technically sound remediation strategies for clients. He has more than 20 years of practical and academic experience and is recognized as an international expert in single and multiphase flow and transport of non-aqueous phase liquids in both porous and fractured media.

Work of the ad hoc committee on SCMMR falls under the aegis of the National Research Council's Board on Earth Sciences and Resources and the Committee on Geological and Geotechnical Engineering, a focal point for scientific, technical, and public-policy issues pertaining to the engineering applications of earth sciences.