October 9, 2013

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Event Roundup: Geosyntec Events for February 3-9, 2013

Seventh International Conference on Remediation of Contaminated Sediments
February 4-7, 2013
Dallas Texas

Geosyntec Participants:

Senior Staff Engineer Dogus Meric (Oak Brook)
Senior Hydrogeologist Jill Johnson (Pensacola)
Senior Hydrogeologist Matt Wissler (Tampa)
Senior Engineer Kula Kulasigam (Charlotte)
Associate Neven Matasovic (Huntington Beach)
Principal Howard Cumberland (Portland)
Associate Kwasi Badu-Tweneboah (Jacksonville)
Senior Staff Engineer Mustafa Erten (Houston)
Scientist Nick Muenks (Columbia, MO)
Principal Susan Hill (Oak Brook)
Project Geologist Scott Compston (Oak Brook)
Project Scientist Ryan Fimmen (Columbus)
Senior Toxicologist Tamara Sorell (Boston)
Senior Staff Engineer Amanda Hughes (Chicago)
Principal Tom Krug (Guelph)
Engineer Dave Himmelheber (Columbia, MD)
Project Scientist Jeff Roberts (Guelph)
Senior Staff Engineer Anthony Smith (Oakland)

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Susan Hill
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