October 9, 2013

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Geosyntec to Draft CCP Disposal Guidance Documents for Electric Power Research Institute

Geosyntec Consultants will provide guidance documents to the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) on the effective closure of ponds used by utilities for the long-term storage of coal combustion products (CCPs), such as coal ash.

As part of the new agreement with EPRI, Geosyntec will develop two guidance documents: one on the subject of dewatering and capping of ash ponds and the other for construction activities over closed ash ponds. These guidance documents will provide comprehensive reference documents for utilities that have ash ponds scheduled for future closure.

"Millions of tons of coal ash and other CCPs are stored in over 150 'wet' ponds, primarily in the eastern United States," said John Seymour, P.E., a principal geotechnical engineer based in Illinois. Seymour is a national leader in the design of new or expanded CCP facilities for the electric utility industry. He routinely provides innovative solutions for CCP disposal and will be the project manager on the development of the EPRI guidance documents. Geosyntec's Paul Sabatini, P.E., a principal based in Illinois, and Bill Steier, P.E., a senior engineer based in Maryland, will be the principal investigators.

"Utilities across the country are evaluating options for closing these ponds as they transition to dry storage techniques, which have their own set of environmental considerations," Seymour said.

The guidance documents are one part of EPRI's CCP research program that includes technology and economic analyses, long-range research and development planning, emerging technologies, and technical support for science-based policy development.

About EPRI

The Electric Power Research Institute Inc. conducts research and development relating to the generation, delivery and use of electricity for the benefit of the public. An independent, non-profit organization, EPRI brings together its scientists and engineers as well as experts from academia and industry to help address challenges in electricity, including reliability, efficiency, health, safety and the environment. EPRI's members represent approximately 90 percent of the electricity generated and delivered in the United States, and international participation extends to 30 countries. EPRI's principal offices and laboratories are located in Palo Alto, California; Charlotte, North Carolina; Knoxville, Tennessee; and Lenox, Massachusetts.

About Geosyntec Consultants

Geosyntec Consultants is a consulting firm with engineers, geologists, environmental scientists, and other technical and project staff based in offices throughout the United States and at select locations in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom. We address new ventures and complex problems involving our environment, natural resources, and civil infrastructure.