September 30, 2013

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Geosyntec Recognizes Technical Excellence at 6th Annual Groundwater Conference

Geosyntec Consultants is pleased to recognize Poster and Presentation Award recipients for its 6th Annual Groundwater Conference held October 11-13 in San Diego, California. With more than 80 participants representing the company's groundwater and site remediation practice from offices in the United States and Canada, this intracompany conference focused on Geosyntec's ongoing development of technologies to remediate groundwater impacted by conventional and emerging contaminants and advances in the tools used to characterize groundwater quantity and quality.

From more than 20 entrants to this year's program, the first place award went to Duygu Tokat (Huntington Beach) and John Daverin (Inland Empire), "Lancaster Well Detection Study — Solutions from Engineers, Scientists, and Innovators." The second place award went to Dean Pinson (Boca Raton), Rebecca Daprato (Cape Canaveral), and Jim Langenbach (Cape Canaveral), "Going Mobile — Mobile Systems for Air Sparging Applications at NASA Sites." The third place award went to Jeremy White(Tampa), Don Thompson (Tampa), and Don Strickland (Tampa), "Utilizing Stochastic Techniques to Improve Model Predictive Ability."

Geosyntec's Groundwater and Site Remediation practice continues to evolve with the development of new technologies and innovative applications of proven technologies for the remediation, restoration, and conservation of groundwater resources in the United States.