October 7, 2013

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Marcus Quigley Webinar Examines Urban Stormwater BMP Performance in Relation to Chesapeake Bay

Marcus Quigley, a principal civil and environmental engineer based in Geosyntec's Brookline, Massachusetts office, and Jane Clary, senior water resources scientist at Wright Water Engineers, Inc., in Denver, Colorado, presented a nationwide webinar Feb. 15 on urban stormwater BMP performance in the Chesapeake Bay.

Marcus and Jane conducted their webinar, Refining Expectations for Urban Stormwater BMP Performance in the Chesapeake Bay: Results of New Targeted Analyses of the International Stormwater BMP Database, in collaboration with the Water Environmental Research Foundation (WERF). An archived version of the webinar now is available by clicking here.

The presentation, based on targeted data collection, covers the BMP Database and builds on more than 15 years of ongoing work to advance the science behind urban stormwater BMPs. The webinar provided a summary of new urban stormwater BMP performance analyses in the Chesapeake Bay area for nutrients, solids, and volume reduction, comparing that data to the national-scale BMP Database analyses and other Bay-area stormwater summaries.

Some of the questions answered included:

  • How can the International Stormwater BMP Database be used to support watershed implementation plans in the Chesapeake Bay?
  • How much Chesapeake Bay area BMP information is available in the BMP Database?
  • How robust is the BMP Database nutrient data set?