October 7, 2013

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Geosyntec's Use of Cloud-Based Stormwater Management Techniques Featured in Multiple Digital Media Forums

Work conducted by Marcus Quigley, a principal civil and environmental engineer based in Massachusetts, is the subject of features in the online content published by Scientific American, the Wall street Journal, and Fast Company.

How the 'Internet Of Things' Is Turning Cities Into Living Organisms , appears as one of Fast Company's Nature of Innovation features under the heading of biomimicry. It discusses Marcus' integration of hardware from "Internet-of-Things" company ioBridge to manage stormwater storage and conveyance in urban environments.

Geosyntec announced a strategic teaming agreement with ioBridge in June 2011 to develop and deploy "smart" technologies for the management of urban stormwater infrastructure. Geosyntec and ioBridge have committed to the exclusive use of ioBridge's remote control and monitoring hardware and software platform as part of Geosyntec's advanced water resources engineering applications.

The ioBridge platform is used to support Geosyntec's OptiRTC applications, a suite of Geosyntec-developed computing services for monitoring and control of water resources systems and other advanced green infrastructure facilities.