October 4, 2013

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Bloom to Present New Federal Stormwater Regulations at Texas Conference

Michael F. Bloom, PE, CFM, BCEE, an associate engineer based in Geosyntec's Texas office, will present an Oct. 27 update on federal stormwater regulations impacting the design and construction of roadways in Texas.

Bloom will address the annual conference of the Texas Association of County Engineers and Road Administrators in San Antonio. Among the attendees will be county engineers and county staff responsible for the design, maintenance, and construction of the 144,000 miles of county roadways located in the 254 counties in Texas.

Bloom's presentation will address the potential impacts of the national stormwater rulemaking that is anticipated to impose a runoff volume requirement to new roadway design and construction. He also will address effluent limitation guidelines (ELGs) for the new construction and development point source category.

The ELGs require states to include more prescriptive erosion and sediment control provisions in their general permits for construction activities and, depending upon the results of the Environmental Protection Agency's current review, may impose a turbidity effluent limit as well.