October 4, 2013

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Geosyntec Consultants Signs Strategic Teaming Agreement for High Performance Green Infrastructure Computing Platform

Geosyntec Consultants announced today it has executed a strategic teaming agreement with ioBridge, Inc. of Marlborough, Mass., to develop and deploy "smart" technologies for the management of urban stormwater infrastructure.

Geosyntec and ioBridge have committed to the exclusive use of ioBridge's remote control and monitoring hardware and software platform as part of Geosyntec's advanced water resources engineering applications. The ioBridge platform is used to support Geosyntec's OptiRTC applications, a suite of Geosyntec-developed computing services for monitoring and control of water resources systems and other advanced green infrastructure facilities.

"Geosyntec's OptiRTC computing environment enables distributed monitoring and control of a variety of engineered systems, bringing real-time, IP-based, low-cost, flexible computing to the water resources engineering sector, previously constrained by passive or large scale centralized solutions. Our agreement with ioBridge is the next step in delivering solutions to our clients that incorporate the 'Internet of Things' principles initially described more than a decade ago. OptiRTC is one of the first applications to take advantage of low-cost, distributed web-based technologies for the engineering of civil infrastructure systems," said Marcus Quigley, Geosyntec Principal Water Resources Engineer.

"Proliferation of easily-deployed, low-cost monitoring and control systems for water resources and green infrastructure applications could fundamentally change the way we approach and solve serious environmental challenges such as pollution from urban stormwater runoff that have traditionally involved significant capital investment solutions. The systems that will emerge from the Geosyntec-ioBridge agreement present an opportunity to dramatically change the way we view, interact with, and manage our environment," continued Quigley.

About Geosyntec Consultants, Inc.

Geosyntec, founded in 1983, provides consulting engineering and science services throughout the United States and internationally. With more than 45 offices in the U.S. and select international locations, Geosyntec engineers and scientists are known for their technology leadership and practice innovation in the areas of urban stormwater management, water and natural resources management, geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering, contaminated site assessment and remediation, groundwater assessment and remediation, risk assessment and toxicology, solid waste disposal facility permitting and design, and environmental biotechnology.

About ioBridge, Inc.

ioBridge, Inc. (www.iobridge.com) offers technology and services that enable almost anything to be Web-enabled and monitored and controlled over the Internet. ioBridge's technology includes a Web services platform that customers can use to extend the technology for many applications. ioBridge provides OEM and commercial integration services and licensing of core, patent-pending technologies.